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When the Bible is in your life, God's Word transforms your heart and mind! David C Cook's bestselling curriculum communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity, motivating students to apply what they've learned at every stage of spiritual growth. From vibrant graphics to fresh content, Bible-in-Life delivers the quality you count on every Sunday and takes that into the week with families.

Theologically sound and balanced curriculum for toddlers to adults, Bible-in-Life students focus on four areas each week: Connecting with each other and with God's Word; Studying God's Word together and finding key themes and takeaways; Exploring key themes and takeaways through activities and crafts; Responding to God's Word by applying it to life.

8 Age Levels: Toddlers to Adults
Scope & Sequence (2016-2018)
Format: Classroom
Length: 60 Minutes
Bible Translation: NIV for Toddler through High School. Adult curriculum contains parallel KJV and NIV.

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Echoes has continually served the African-American church by reminding us of all that we have inherited, both through Christ and our culture. Rich in African-American images and history, Echoes leverages a shared theme approach so that every age group is learning the same biblical principles at the same time and at their level. This means all family members are traveling together on a similar road of spiritual growth through the stories and truth of the Bible. Interdenominational from a centrist theological stance.

8 Age Levels: Toddlers to Adults
Scope & Sequence (2016-2018)
Format: Classroom
Length: 60 Minutes
Bible Translation: NIV for Toddler through High School. Adult curriculum contains parallel KJV and NIV.

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RIO is a digital download Sunday school curriculum that helps churches and families foster a deeper relationship with God. RIO approaches God's Word and the Christian life in a way that allows God Himself to shape children into His likeness. This focus on knowing God will produce in children a desire to obey God-not obedience through their own power, but obedience through the power provided by the Holy Spirit. Kids learn how to experience God, discern His voice, and know the Spirit’s powerful work in their lives. The two-year Scope and Sequence keeps the focus on God and His grand story and character instead of focusing on the individual Bible stories or characters.

Age Levels: Grades 1 - 6 (Grouped into 3: Early Elementary, Elementary, Preteen)
Scope & Sequence: 2 Years for each age group
Format: Classroom Setting
Length: 60 minutes, plus extra activities

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Time-tested curriculum for over 75 years, Scripture Press creates a learning experience for the entire family that is based entirely upon Scripture. Scriptures are revered as God's living and active Word, through which God speaks to us today.

Lessons are crafted to help each student know what God is saying to him or her personally, and gladly respond to Him as Savior and Lord. Trusted by churches for its conservative doctrinal positions and approach to the Bible, Scripture Press motivates students to consider, discover, and apply scriptural truth so it becomes an inspiring, guiding light in their lives.

Age Levels: Toddlers-Adults
Scope & Sequence (2016-2018)
2 Years for Toddlers to Juniors (2 Year-olds to Grade 6)
3 Years for Young Teen (Grades 6 - 8)
4 Years for High School
8 Years for Adult Bible Knowledge Series and Disciples Bible Study
Format: Classroom setting
Length: 60 minutes

More Kids' Curriculum (Non-Dated)

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    Do U Know? Game
    David C Cook / 1997 / Other
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    The Action Bible Guess-It Game
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  4. The Picture Bible, Hardcover
    The Picture Bible, Hardcover
    Iva Hoth
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    4.5 Stars Out Of 5 64 Reviews
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