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Equip believers of all ages to defend the truth of the Bible!

Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) is an integrated and synchronized curriculum for all ages from preschool to adult from Answers in Genesis. It emphasizes equipping believers to defend their faith and stem the skepticism children encounter in grade school. Students of this curriculum will understand the Bible is a comprehensive history of God’s relationship to people throughout time for the purpose of human redemption.

Answers Bible Curriculum is a biblically solid curriculum that supports the creationist view of history. It is developed for Sunday school and can also be useful for homeschooling, backyard bible clubs, and mid-week services. It can also easily be adapted for homeschool use; please see "Homeschool Schedule" below.


  • Bible Translation: NKJV
  • Time frame: 60 minutes (with 40 - 75 minutes flexible range)
  • Ages & Grades: Pre-Kindergarten (4 year-olds) to Adult
  • Unified Themes from Elementary through High School
  • Scope & Sequence: 3 Years, synchronized across all age levels. (Note: This curriculum is sequential, but not dated. The series follows a sequence of Year 1 Quarter 1, Year 1 Quarter 2, Year 1 Quarter 3, etcetera for a total of 3 years. Specific dates of usage for particular Sundays are not used, thus technically this is "non-dated" material.)
  • Format: Classroom Setting
  • Chronological Bible teaching (Genesis to Revelation in 3 years)

Pre-K & Kindergarten

With this Curriculum Kit, teachers can easily show preschoolers and kindergartners that the Bible is true, and that Jesus is our Creator and Savior. Structured activity is critical when teaching youngsters, and ABC has plenty. Lessons also feature movement activities to help teach the Bible lesson and original songs based on classic tunes. Give young students a life-long love for Jesus and the Bible!

Curriculum Kit includes:
- Teacher Guides: These rich guides make teaching easy. Includes background material, detailed lesson plans, and optional activities.
- Take Home Sheets: Take-home sheets reinforce the lesson, plus fun activities and daily Bible readings encourage family discussion.
- Flip Chart Pages: Print these colorful pages to oversize paper to make presenting the lesson to youngsters extra-exciting! Plus worksheets and teacher helps.

Grades 1 & 2

Teacher Kit includes:
- Teacher Guide: Teaching is made easy with background material, detailed lesson plans, and optional activities that will fit any Sunday school format. Includes reproducible in-class worksheets, teacher helps, and multimedia resources, all conveniently included on a DVD-ROM.
- 1 set of Take Home Sheets: 4-page colorful weekly take home sheets encourage family discussions at home. You will need one pack for each student in your class.
- Colorful Posters: Each lesson for the quarter has its own unique professionally illustrated, colorful poster to visually reinforce the main points of the lesson, and to be used for lesson review. (8½"x11") (Used in Grades 1 - 6)

Grades 3 & 4

Teacher Kit contents match Grades 1 & 2 for this age-level. Please see samples below. Each lesson for Grades 1-6 includes Come On In introductory activity, Studying God's Word, Plus Activity #1 and Activity #2 to reinforce and review the Bible lesson.

Grades 5 & 6

Grades 1-6 each have Scriptural Background, Apologetic Background, plus Historical Background at the beginning of each lesson.

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Junior High

Junior High students face unique pressures. They need extra-special help as they learn to live right in a culture gone wrong. Answers Bible Curriculum uses easy-to-understand apologetics to answer their big questions, and reinforces the benefits of keeping communication open with parents and siblings. Tweens & young teens will understand that the Bible is true and trustworthy as they are equipped to defend their faith to anyone who asks, “How do you know the Bible is true?”!

High School

Life-changing choices are made throughout high school. The urgent need to understand that the Bible is true and Jesus is the only way to heaven is at its peak in the teen years of intense adolescent pressures. Answers Bible Curriculum uniquely solidifies the faith of high school students with their exciting apologetics-based teaching and chronological overview of the Bible! Teens get answers to their big questions and are equipped to confront the non-biblical worldviews that surround them.


Whether they’ve attended church for a few weeks or their entire lives, adults love the clear, easy-to-understand chronological overview of the Bible used in this unique curriculum! Watch as men and women who have “heard it all before” make the connections that have been left out by sporadic and topical teaching approaches. Parents love that they learn the very same topics at the same time as their children—so the entire family can easily discuss the Bible more naturally throughout the week!

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