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NIV Verse Mapping Bible

The NIV Verse Mapping Bible will help you mine every verse of God's Word for the truth, direction and meaning that will guide you into a richer relationship with Christ. Using a study method that is unique to the 'NIV Verse Mapping Bible' series, you will learn to compare specific verses to other translations and even explore the individual words of the original biblical languages.

Take a verse mapping journey through the Bible and record your own story road through scripture!

Verse mapping means getting real about studying the Bible. More than simply reading a verse or Scripture passage, verse mapping means using Bible study tools to research what you’ve just read in the Bible—to learn more about what God is saying to you and how you can apply his Word to your life today.

In the NIV Verse Mapping Bible, author Kristy Cambron expands her verse mapping curriculum series to include verses from the entire Bible, showing you how to compare Bible translations, pick out meaningful words, and delve into the true meaning of each verse using starter verse maps and prompts. Verse mapping will help you study the historical context, transliteration, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse. This unique study technique includes exploring Hebrew and Greek word studies, finding connections in Scripture, comparing Bible translations, and learning as much as you can from your time in God’s Word.

* Guided instructions on how verse mapping works, how to start, and how to get the most from your mapping
* 350 partially completed verse maps with preselected verses in multiple Bible translations and helpful Hebrew or Greek word studies
* 70 blank verse maps

  1. NIV Verse Bible
  2. NIV Verse Bible
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  1. NIV Verse Mapping Bible for Girls, Comfort Print--hardcover
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  1. Verse Bible for Girls
  2. Verse Bible for Girls

Verse Mapping Bible Study Series

Do you want to do more than just read Scripture? Do you want to research and apply what you learn to your life today? In the Verse-Mapping Bible Study Series, Kristy Cambron shares how this method of studying the Bible revolutionized her time with God and how it can do the same for you.

In each of the six-sessions of Luke: Gathering the Goodness of God's Word, she provides practical examples on how to take the first steps in verse mapping and learn how to explore the Bible like never before, and customize your Bible study time for a deeper and more authentic walk with God.

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About the Author

Kristy Cambron

Kristy Cambron is a vintage-inspired storyteller, writing both award-winning historical fiction and Bible Studies.

She’s served as a Women’s Ministry Leader and speaks at events across the country, encouraging women to experience a deeper life in the Word through verse mapping. Her work has been named to the Publishers Weekly Religion & Spirituality TOP 10, Library Journal Reviews’ Best Books, RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards and has received multiple INSPY Award nominations.