1. Download a FREE Ocean Life Printable Packet!

Download a FREE Ocean Life Printable Packet!

A fun and educational Marine Biology Unit Study packed full of ocean-themed activities!

Do you have a child who is fascinated by the sea? Or perhaps you are learning about ocean life in your homeschool? If so, this free printable Ocean Life Marine Biology Unit Study from our friends at the Homeschool Compass is the resource for you!

Included in this download:

  • Ocean Animals Anatomy Worksheet – label the different parts of a dolphin, fish and a lobster
  • Handwriting Practice – 6 pages for your child to practice their printing with ocean-themed words
  • Cutting Practice – sharpen scissor skills by cutting the lines from the whales to the reef below
  • Ocean Zones Activity – learn about the five different ocean zones then cut out different creatures and paste into the correct ocean zone
  • Oceans of the World – learn the six oceans of the world and then label then on the worksheet
  • Counting Cards – practice number recognition by using clothespins to help your child count the ocean animals and identify the correct numeral
  • Ocean Animal Flashcards – colorful flashcards to help learn the names of different sea creatures
  • Coloring Pages – two printable coloring pages with ocean scenes
  • Ocean Vocabulary – learn key marine biology vocabulary words such as oceanography, tide pool and more

This download was created by our friends over at the Homeschool Compass. Follow @homeschoolcompass on Facebook and Instagram for more great resources and homeschooling inspiration!


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