1. Why Your Church Is Larger Than It Seems

Why Your Church is Larger Than it Seems

Free download for ministry leaders on the current issue of worship attendance from church expert and bestselling author, Sam Rainer.

Ministry is busier than ever.

Yet, when many church leaders look around on Sunday mornings, they see fewer people. So what's going on?

Attendance numbers are no longer a good gauge of church size. The ratio of church attendance to actual church size has changed because people are not coming as frequently to worship services.

So what can church leaders do? In this download, church expert Sam Rainer offers valuable insight into ways you can build a culture of frequent church attendance among your own congregation.

Access your FREE download today!

Church Larger Seems

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Shepherding a church is a weighty challenge - especially during an ever-changing global crisis. This practical tool lightens that load! Rainer's 7-point checklist covers everything from reprioritizing tasks and managing expectations to evaluating facilities and rekindling outward focus. The world has shifted; prepare your congregation to accept the opportunity of a lifetime - and step into God's purpose. 200 pages, hardcover from Tyndale.