Free The United States of America Printable Activity Book

  1. FREE 50 States Printable Activity Book

Are you studying U.S. Geography in your homeschool? Or maybe you are simply planning a way for your child to learn about the states and capitals on your next road trip? If so, we have created this fun U.S. States and Capitals activity book with over 40 pages of free activities!

In this download, you will find:

  • A colorful Map of the U.S.
  • 50 States Flashcards
  • Name the State Worksheet
  • Match the States and Capitals Worksheet
  • States in Alphabetical Order Worksheet
  • State Bucket List
  • State Word Search
  • Capitals Crossword
  • 50 States Bingo
  • State Flags Poster
  • State Flags Matching Worksheet


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