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In a world of bullet-point solutions and 5-step lists for becoming the perfect mother, your choices as a mom can be confusing and complicated as they sometimes collide with the culture's ideas. In Risen Motherhood, Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler help you discover how the gospel connects with your everyday life and apply it to the common issues you face.

Risen Motherhood Guided Journal

This Risen Motherhood companion journal provides moms with the perfect opportunity to go deeper in their understanding of how the gospel affects every aspect of motherhood. With beautifully decorated space to answer insightful questions, Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler apply each chapter’s teaching to their own lives, and record their thoughts and prayers, this guided journal is an ideal tool for group or individual study.  Discover hope, freedom, and joy as you explore the book's teachings and exclusive bonus questions.

Risen Motherhood (Deluxe Edition)

This deluxe edition of the bestselling book on motherhood is the perfect gift. Written by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler, it includes three all-new chapters and helps mothers understand the gospel and how it can apply to their everyday lives. Discover how the Bible provides a framework for finding answers to modern motherhood questions and join Emily and Laura as they bring hope, freedom, and joy to the struggles of parenting.

  1. Risen Motherhood Authors

Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler are in the trenches of motherhood, right alongside their readers. With a combination of accessibility, relatability, and solid Biblical knowledge, Emily and Laura have a knack for simplifying complex Biblical truths, revealing how they relate and apply to everyday life. As the co-founders of the Risen Motherhood ministry, and co-hosts of the chart-topping podcast, God has consistently and powerfully used the voices of these two moms as a vehicle to captivate women around the world with the gospel. As sister-in-laws, Emily and Laura both live in central Iowa with their families.

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