Enjoy 52 devotions specifically designed for couples! Using principles based on his bestseller, Love & Respect, Eggerichs offers a biblically based approach to understanding the love she most desires and the respect he needs. Reflections are built around his three cycles---stopping the Crazy Cycle, finding purpose in the Rewarded Cycle, and growing together in the Energizing Cycle. 320 pages, hardcover from Nelson.

Get out the safety glasses and start bringing God's Word to life with 52 possibly messy but totally unforgettable object lessons! As you build makeshift bridges, dissolve eggshells, take impromptu field trips, and light stuff on fire together, Shoemaker ensures that you're not just making disciples---you're also creating lifelong memories for your kids. 304 pages, softcover from Revell.

Feeling stressed out? Worried about family, health, or work-related issues? Anxious over stories in the daily news? You're not alone. But there's One you can always go to with your troubles for sage advice and soothing calm---the Lord! Here are 100 Scriptures, reflections, timely quotes, and comforting prayers to help you rest securely in his love. 96 pages, softcover from Smith Freeman.

How do you endure hardship with clarity and confidence? Merritt draws from the difficulties the apostle Paul faced from prison; guides you through his petitions and praises; and shows how they provide a model for communicating with God. Packed with insightful teachings and practical takeaways, this book reminds you of the power available through communion with him. 192 pages, hardcover from Harvest.