Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist, audiologist, clinical and cognitive neuroscientist specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. She developed her theory (called the Geodesic Information Processing theory) of how we think, build memory, and learn, into tools and processes that have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), learning disabilities (ADD, ADHD), autism, dementias and mental ill-health issues like anxiety and depression.


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Based on up-to-date research, clearly illustrated with case studies, and practically applied to the problems kids are facing today, How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess is what parents, caretakers, teachers, and counselors have been waiting for. Dr. Leaf shares a clear and effective five-step plan to teach your child how to manage their mind so they can live a life with greater resilience, health, and happiness.

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This bundle includes the books Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess and How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess.

Toxic thoughts, depression, anxiety--our mental mess is frequently aggravated by a chaotic world and sustained by an inability to manage our thought life. But we shouldn't settle into this mental mess as if it's a new normal. There's hope and help available to us--and the road to healthier thoughts and peak happiness may actually be shorter than you think.
Backed by clinical research and illustrated with compelling case studies, Dr. Caroline Leaf's latest books provide a scientifically proven five-step plan, the Neurocycle, to find and eliminate the root of anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts in your life and your child’s life so you both can experience dramatically improved mental and physical health.


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Is the way you're thinking making you physically ill? Experience wholeness with this 365-day devotional companion to Dr. Leaf's best-selling book Switch On Your Brain. Here she offers both encouragement and practical strategies that will help you reap the benefits of detoxed thoughts every day - happiness, better health, and a more enjoyable life! 379 pages, padded hardcover from Baker.


  1. Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health - eBookThis product is an eBook
  2. Think and Eat Yourself Smart: A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life - eBookThis product is an eBook
  3. 101 Ways to Be Less Stressed: Simple Self-Care Strategies to Boost Your Mind, Mood, and Mental Health - eBookThis product is an eBook
    Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Baker Books / 2020 / ePub
    Our Price$9.69 Retail Price$14.99 Save 35% ($5.30)
  4. Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess: 5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking - eBookThis product is an eBook


  1. Enciende Tu Cerebro  (Switch on Your Brain)
    Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Baker Books / 2017 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$11.49 Retail Price$17.99 Save 36% ($6.50)
  2. Quien me desconecto el cerebro? (Who Switched off my Brain? Pocket Size)
    Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Editorial Unilit / 2022 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$4.99 Retail Price$5.99 Save 17% ($1.00)
  3. ¿Quien Me Desconecto el Cerebro?   (Who Switched off My Brain?)
    Caroline Leaf
    Editorial Unilit / 2013 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$12.59 Retail Price$13.99 Save 10% ($1.40)
  4. Como ayudar a tu hijo a limpiar su enredo mental (How to Help Your Child Clean Up Their Mental Mess)
    Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Whitaker House / 2023 / Trade Paperback
    Our Price$13.49 Retail Price$17.99 Save 25% ($4.50)