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Advent & Christmas:

  1. LEGO ® Friends Advent Calendar 2023
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$34.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Stock No: WW6425719
  2. LEGO ® Friends Advent Calendar
    Lego / 2022 / Gift
    Our Price$29.75 Retail Price$34.99 Save 15% ($5.24)
    Availability: In Stock
    Stock No: WW6379086

The Toy Foundation's - 2023 STEAM Toy of the Year!

Let kids learn about NASA's mission to Mars as they build the LEGO® Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance with AR app experience.

  • Feed a passion for science and technology - Kids aged 10+ can learn more about the challenges of space exploration with this LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model toy
  • Conduct a test flight - This set includes a buildable toy version of NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, which accompanied the Perseverance Rover and was used to test powered flight on Mars
  • AR brings the mission to life - The accompanying augmented reality app experience lets kids dive into the details of the rover and its mission
  • Explore the functions - Features 360x steering, movable arms and fully articulated suspension that lets the vehicle travel across uneven surfaces, plus buildable scientific instruments
  • A gift for kids aged 10+ - This Mars Perseverance Rover toy set makes a gift idea for kids with a passion for space exploration or science and technology projects
  • Measurements - This LEGO Technic building set measures over 9 in. (23 cm) high, 12.5 in. (32 cm) long and 9 in. (23 cm) wide
  • A helping hand - Discover intuitive instructions in the LEGO Builder app where builders can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, track their progress and save sets as they develop new skills
  • An introduction to engineering - LEGO Technic buildable model sets feature realistic movement and mechanisms that introduce young LEGO builders to the universe of engineering

The LEGO® Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance has a total of 1,132 pieces, and is designed for ages 10 years and older.

LEGO ® - Under $10

  1. LEGO ® Friends Dog Rescue Bike
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$9.99
  2. LEGO ® Friends Igloo Holiday Adventure
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$44.99 Retail Price$49.99 Save 10% ($5.00)
  3. LEGO ® Friends Liann's Room
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$19.95
  4. LEGO ® Friends Horse Training
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$29.95

LEGO ® Botanical Collection:

  1. LEGO ® DUPLO ® 3-in-1 Tree House
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$84.99 Retail Price$89.99 Save 6% ($5.00)
  2. LEGO ® DUPLO ® My First Organic Market
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$29.95
  3. LEGO ® DUPLO ® Town Family House, 3-in-1
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$129.95
  4. LEGO ® DUPLO ® Construction Site
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$64.95


  1. LEGO ® DOTS My Pets Bracelet
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$5.99
  2. LEGO ® DOTS, Pencil Holder
    Lego / 2021 / Gift
    Our Price$14.49 Retail Price$19.99 Save 28% ($5.50)
  3. LEGO ® DOTS Extra DOTS Series 8 - Glitter and Shine
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$3.99
  4. LEGO ® DOTS Creative Animal Drawer
    Lego / 2023 / Gift
    Our Price$24.95

LEGO ® Architecture:

  1. LEGO ® Architecture Paris
    Lego / 2019 / Gift
    Our Price$49.99
    Availability: Expected to ship on or about 12/22/23.
    Stock No: WW6250900
  2. LEGO ® Architecture London
    Lego / 2017 / Gift
    Our Price$39.99
    Availability: Expected to ship on or about 12/22/23.
    Stock No: WW6174060
  3. LEGO ® Architecture New York City
    Lego / 2016 / Gift
    Our Price$59.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Stock No: WW6135673

LEGO ® Arts:

Express yourself by creating a stunning piece of abstract art with the LEGO® Modern Art building kit. Assemble your bold and dimensional artwork using a collection of differently shaped elements, and then take it apart and rebuild it into a new design. While you build, enjoy an immersive and rewarding experience, before hanging your artwork on the wall.

With this LEGO® Art set, you can bring to life one of the art world's most ionic paintings: Hokusai's The Great Wave. Stunning display item - A 1,810-piece LEGO hobby project for adults featuring 6 canvas plates, 2 hanger elements, a brick separator, and a decorative tile with Hokusai's signature. Enjoy the soundtrack - Scan the QR code to listen to a soundtrack tailor-made with content to enhance your time building this impressive piece of Japanese wall art.

Spark your joy with a gorgeous, handmade project, with the LEGO® Art Floral Art set. You get 3 different floral motifs to choose from and create. Then you can make many variations of the flowers and the background, before framing and setting it in a place of honor on a wall or shelf. Coordinate it with your decor,or make a focal piece for a gallery wall; the choice, and creative expression, is yours!

    Ready to travel the world? Start your adventure with this vibrant LEGO ® ART World Map art piece. Slow down and spend focused time designing your own vision of the world. Place the continents to fit the world as it is or customize the oceans to give the map a more personal twist. As you build, dive deeper with the Soundtrack and enjoy a unique world tour. Add pins to highlight memories or new places to see!

    LEGO ® Speed:

    LEGO ® Technic:

    1. LEGO ® Technic McLaren Formula 1 Racer 2022
      Lego / 2022 / Gift
      Our Price$199.99
    2. LEGO ® Technic Motorcycle
      Lego / 2022 / Gift
      Our Price$11.49 Retail Price$12.99 Save 12% ($1.50)
    3. LEGO ® Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance
      Lego / 2023 / Gift
      Our Price$99.95
      Availability: In Stock
      Stock No: WW6425779
    4. LEGO ® Technic NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
      Lego / 2023 / Gift
      Our Price$49.95
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