Christianbook's Warehouse Sale is Now Online!

To Our Warehouse Sale Customers:

After 32 years of warehouse sale events, it is with mixed feelings that I have decided to no longer hold physical warehouse sales at our facility but will move the sale events online. Our warehouse will not be open for the November sale we had originally planned. Deals similar to what you would have found at our warehouse sales can now be found in our "Slightly Imperfect" category.

In the past, we have held up to five sales a year. You've probably noticed over the last few years that we've decreased the number of these sales, reduced the hours we were open, and had fewer "nuggets" to find in the discount piles.

As our company has continued to grow, we have improved our operations—resulting in fewer nicked corners, less overstock, and fewer products heading to the bargain tables. When I looked at the amount of bargain-table product we would have available for our originally planned November sale, it was "slim pickings"—if we had the sale, you would be extremely disappointed with the decreased selection.

Many of you have amazed me with your dedication to travel long distances (from NYC, Chicago, Minnesota, to name a few) and to arrive "at the front of the line" (which usually meant arriving before midnight to await our 8:00 a.m. opening). Since holding our first Showroom Sale in 1980 at the Peabody Holiday Inn while we were still operating out of Mom and Dad's house, I have enjoyed interacting with so many of you, our dedicated customers. I will greatly miss these times.

To find our bargain-table products online, check out the "Slightly Imperfect" category. There are already over 8,000 products available, and we will be adding to the category daily. We will do our best to offer you the best of our bargain-table products without the early wake-up call, long drive, wheeled luggage containers, and sometimes very crowded areas. Instead, you can pull up to our website, drinking hot chocolate and wearing your PJs, to find those same nuggets you did at our sales.

Thank you for your support of Christianbook’s warehouse sales all these years. I will miss greeting you at the door!

Ray Hendrickson President and CEO