We’re going by Christianbook now… why the change?

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Since 1978, Christianbook has been your go-to for Everything Christian for Less.

When we started as Christian Book Distributors, the acronym CBD became common reference for our many devoted customers. In recent years however, it’s become important for us to distinguish ourselves from other CBD-branded businesses.

Since launching on the web in the 1990s we have always been Christianbook.com. We also had the CBD.com site that has always automatically redirected to our official Christianbook.com site. With the potential for brand confusion mentioned above, we’ve decided to stop using the long-standing CBD.com address.

Our online home will now only be at Christianbook.com. We are not moving physical locations or modifying our award-winning services otherwise.

For our customers who reach us by CBD.com, we kindly request that you update your browser bookmarks or favorites to the Christianbook.com address.