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Dear God4Me Customer:

We're exited to tell you that God4Me recently joined the CBD/Christianbook.com family!

CBD and Christianbook.com have been supplying Christian resources at low, low prices since 1978. We recently lowered our quantity discounts even further on a large selection of our products. It's easy to buy in bulk at Christianbook.com: when there's a price break for ordering a certain quantity, you'll see the discounted price listed right underneath the CBD Price.

We look forward to supplying your needs for large quantities of the best Christian products, and we hope you'll stop by to view our large selection soon. Below you'll find just a sample of products on our site that are available for even less when bought in quantity.

Shop Christianbook.com, where you'll find everything Christian--books, Bibles, Bible studies, academic resources, music, DVDs, Christian gifts, homeschooling products, big bargains, and much more---for less!

The folks at Christianbook.com

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