Spectrum Early Years Workbooks

        Spectrum Early Years Series' Learning Letters offers preschoolers comprehensive instruction and practice in following directions, recognizing and writing upper- and lowercase letters, and beginning phonics skills. 160 full-color pages with award certificates and answer keys. PreK, Age 4. 160 pages, softcover.

        Spectrum's Early Years Series Math Readiness helps preschoolers improve and strengthen basic math skills such as counting to 10, using ordinal numbers, identifying and creating simple patterns, and recognizing same and different. 160 pages with award certificates and a complete set of answer keys. PreK, Age 4. 160 pages, softcover.

        Designed to help learners strengthen basic skills, Spectrum's Early Years Phonics Readiness instructs preschoolers how to recognize letters and their order, understand beginning and ending sounds, determine long vowel sounds, and follow simple directions. It features full-color, perforated pages with a variety of activities, including matching and coloring. 128 pages, softcover. Age 4. PreK.

        Spectrum's Early Years Series Writing Readiness helps preschoolers trace and write letters, numbers, and objects, put events in sequential order, understand the writing process, and follow simple directions. 128 full-color, perforated pages include a variety of activities and helps, including tracing, drawing, and creating a book; a five-step writing process handbook; and practice and preparation for grades to come. PreK, Age 4. 128 pages, softcover.