Power Basics History & Geography

Watch the United States grow from a few colonies to a mature nation! Unites cover the Birth of a Nation, Development of the Nation I & II, and 20th Century American & Beyond. Lessons include "words to know", a lesson goal, "think about it" boxes, practices with multiple-choice questions, tips, biography portraits, small illustrations, timelines, and more. 240 pages, softcover, with index and glossary.

This teacher's guide to Walch's U.S. History Workbook contains the goals for each lesson, along with "words to know" lists. Notes on application activities in the student text, additional activity suggestions, tips, thinking skills ideas, tidbits to intrigue students, graphic organizers, reproduction of the Declaration of Independence, glossary and practice answers included. 41 pages, softcover.

Word box activities, charts, timelines, puzzles and more are all included in this United States History Student Workbook. Each exercise helps to reinforce, extend or enrich the material found in the textbook Powerbasics &#174 United States History (stock #156610) with deeper development of topics, critical thinking questions, research questions and personal application. From Native American life to September 11, a wide range of historical events, periods and people are covered. 80 pages, softcover. A workbook answer key/use chart is also included as loose-leaf pages stapled together.

Perfect for families needing flexibility while teaching, the Power Basics curriculum provides core American Government units that can be taught sequentially or on an "as-needed" basis. This course explores the organization of the US Government; the historical events that lead to the development of US Democracy; the facets of elections; and landmark court decisions that helped to shape the modern US government. This kit includes:

  • Student Text
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Student Workbook
  • Test Pack

  • This Power Basics student textbook focuses on one concept at a time, illustrates lessons with concrete models and examples, and provides sample practice to achieve proficiency and mastery. Grades 6-12. 240 pages, paperback. Non-reproducible.

    Get to know what a democracy is, learn about differences in the left-to-right political spectrum, and discover what the Constitution is all about. Designed to be used with the Power Basics: American Government Student Textbook, this workbook contains reinforcement and extension activities that invite kids of multiple intelligences to learn together. Writing activities, flow charts, drawing exercises, and fill-in-the-blank questions are included. A separate workbook answer key is included in this set. 86 reproducible pages, softcover. 10 page answer key, looseleaf-stapled.

    This set of tests is part of the Power Basics American Government curriculum. Assess student comprehension with a pretest, posttest, unit tests, scoring keys, and test-taking strategies. Non-reproducible consumable.

    Travel the world without leaving the classroom! Power Basics World Geography provides a current overview of world boundaries; helps students readily visualize other parts of the world with easy-to-read, detailed maps; explains how boundaries change as new nations are formed; and gives students an appreciation for other cultures with in-depth country profiles.

    This Kit Includes:

  • Student Textbook
  • Student Workbook
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Tests

  • This teacher's guide accompanies Power Basics' World Geography Student Textbook. This guide provides an overview of each unit, including extension activities, a glossary, record-keeping forms, and graphic organizers for instruction.