Sylvan Learning Grade 1

Sylvan's Language Arts Success workbook features three books in one! Reading Skill Builders, Spelling Games and Activities, and Vocabulary Puzzles will together help students look at context clues, learn how to spell long vowel and number words, and practice new vocabulary. 308 non-reproducible, full-color pages, consumable workbook, softcover. Answer key included. 1st Grade.

Teaching children to problem-solve in a number of different ways, rather than just trying to get them the right answer, Basic Math Success gives children a solid skill set that will be crucial for their success in math. Fun features like "The Cupcake Eater" (subtraction), "Chart Smart" (adding/subtracting from 20) are included, as well as other activities that teach number lines, skip counting, measuring, telling time, estimation, place value, shapes, and more. 122 full-color pages, softcover, answer key with reduced student pages included. Grade 1.

    Familiarize children with numbers, counting, and shapes with Sylvan Learning's full-color workbook. Children will learn to count money, add and subtract, and tell time through simple hands-on activities. 64 pages, softcover. Grade 1.

    Help your student develop their spelling skills with Sylvan's Spelling Flashcards. 230 selected words (and 10 blank cards for customized words) will help prepare kids for school and phonics success. The front of the card features a word missing some or all letters with a supporting illustration. The back provides the spelling of the whole word & the concept being reviewed. Leveled for difficulty, find precisely the right level for your child to study; the tabbed card and color-coded mastery meter along the side of the box will help you keep track of which words students have mastered and which could use more work. Rounded corners. Non-laminated paperweight cardstock. Grade 1.

        Sylvan Learning's Summer Smart Reading & Math Workbook is the perfect way to help students avoid the "summer slide!"

        A fun and effective bridge between grades, this workbook features engaging worksheet exercises, teacher-created activities, tips on keeping kids engaged in learning, and bonus flashcards. 160 pages, consumable & non-reproducible. For the summer between Grade 1 and Grade 2.