Reviews from the Spring 2014 Homeschool Catalog

    For the budding architect or engineer, Equilibrio provides the ultimate challenge of building 60 structures with blocks, using graduated skill-level instructions. For younger students, the activity exposes them to various geometric shapes and encourages them to follow directions and hone their problem-solving skills. For older students, the process will test their reasoning skills and dexterity.

    The book indicates which 3-D blocks will be necessary to complete a particular structure, but the image of the structure itself is 2-D, requiring the student to figure out exactly which shape will work best in each position to provide the ultimate balance. Although listed as a single player game, we have used it with multiple players, as each student builds ever more intricate structures. We have also used the blocks in free play, trying to build the tallest or most complex structures or experimenting on uneven or multilevel surfaces. Despite varying interests among our boys, Equilibrio has been a great learning tool for the whole family. Includes 18 blocks and booklet with rules, models, and solutions. Ages 5 and up.

    --Cherrié, Spring 2014

    Unfortunately, unit studies are often overlooked as an educational option. But they provide such a fun, cost-effective way for students to learn!

    This particular course uses C.S. LewisÂ’s Chronicles of Narnia to teach your fourth through eighth graders every required subject, except for math. With some fine arts, health, and cooking thrown in, it becomes a well-rounded curriculum for the entire year.

    Handy appendixes offer a resource index for supplemental reading, viewing, and listening suggestions; an activity index with recipes for everything from Turkish Delight to Puddleglum’s Eel Pie; even ideas for field trips and games! With numerous recommendations for additional study, the course is flexible for multiple students at different levels in different time schedules.

    So why not go on an adventure with your children to Narnia this year? I guarantee that you’ll learn so much more by using this resource. 340 pages, spiralbound softcover from Cadron Creek.

    Rebekah, Spring 2014

    Story of the World

      Straightforward stories that introduce children to the grand sweep of history! This multilevel one-year curriculum for grades 1 to 4 covers ancient to modern times—from the dawn of civilization to the downfall of the Soviet Union—within the four volumes. Parents can read the text aloud to younger children or older children can read independently.

      The corresponding activity books (sold separately) feature lots of projects, comprehensive questions, mapping, timelines, games, and crafts. Also included is a helpful reading list of fiction and nonfiction titles to enrich your child’s understanding of the time period.

      Tests are sold separately, too, for parents who want to see how students are retaining the material.

      My kids and I loved reading together and doing the projects. With so many great stories and activities to enjoy, there is something for everyone. This program can be used by the whole family to learn together! Approx. 350 pages each, softcovers.

      Cindy, Spring 2014