Unfortunately, unit studies are often overlooked as an educational option. But they provide such a fun, cost-effective way for students to learn!

This particular course uses C.S. LewisÂ’s Chronicles of Narnia to teach your fourth through eighth graders every required subject, except for math. With some fine arts, health, and cooking thrown in, it becomes a well-rounded curriculum for the entire year.

Handy appendixes offer a resource index for supplemental reading, viewing, and listening suggestions; an activity index with recipes for everything from Turkish Delight to Puddleglum’s Eel Pie; even ideas for field trips and games! With numerous recommendations for additional study, the course is flexible for multiple students at different levels in different time schedules.

So why not go on an adventure with your children to Narnia this year? I guarantee that you’ll learn so much more by using this resource. 340 pages, spiralbound softcover from Cadron Creek.

Rebekah, Spring 2014

Most kids know how to type fast these days, but accuracy, grammar, and correct spelling aren't things they generally care about. Using Typing Instructor, students can improve their typing skills while traveling around the world, through time, and through a photo safari.

Typing Instructor Platinum comes with 20+ lesson plans, but you also have the option to create customized lessons, complete with your own music! Using repetitive keystrokes to help build finger memory, you'll work through lessons and tests to achieve your words-per-minute and accuracy goals. The Dynamic Learning feature analyzes your work and creates specific lessons to help you improve on any weaknesses you may have. You'll be able to view the results of each lesson using graphs and charts that will show results for each finger, row, key, or hand.

In addition to the lessons and tests, you'll practice using various magazine articles. Whether you're interested in sports, classic literature, or history, you'll be able to find something interesting to learn about while practicing your typing skills.

And then there are the games. Racing games, adventure games, arcade games . . . all help create a fun and exciting learning experience. Use your spaceship to clean up space debris in "Flotsam Fighter," and explore ancient tombs to search for keys, coins, and jewels in "Tomb Typer." Type the words as fast as you can to stay away from the giant lobster in "Sea Creatures," and improve your accuracy as you race up the side of a mountain in "Cliffhanger."

This was the one of the first typing programs I used, and I loved it. Part of my job includes answering e-mails, so it's certainly helped my speed and efficiency at work. No matter your age, this program will give you the necessary means to improve your typing skills. 480MB RAM; Windows 00/XP/Vista/7, Macintosh OS X/10.4 or higher. From Individual Software.

-Rebekah, Winter 2014

Every Friday night my family would have Movie Night. We’d pick a couple of movies to watch together, and we almost always picked one of the Moody science videos. Although they’re a bit dated in regard to the clothing and quality of video (they were originally filmed in the ‘50s and early ‘60s), the science in them is most definitely not. Using fascinating experiments, Dr. Irwin Moon covers every aspect of science. From the human brain to bees to carnivorous plants, you’ll learn more from just one of these DVDs than from any other science movies out there.

The two that have really stuck in my memory are Windows of the Soul and Facts of Faith. Windows is about the human brain and sight. Dr. Moon wears a device that changes his eyesight view to how it’s originally received by the brain, upside down. We follow him through his everyday life while he walks to work and performs experiments, all while seeing everything completely upside down. However, within a week, his brain has recognized the problem and corrected it so that, even with the device on, he can see perfectly normally!

Facts of Faith deals with the harmony between faith and science. The most memorable experiment Dr. Moon uses is when he sends one million volts of electricity through his body and it shoots out his fingertips. How awesome is that?!

These DVDs discuss how faith is a huge part of science. Every DVD is filled with relevant Bible verses and incorporates biblical teaching with each concept. Dr. Moon concludes each DVD with the gospel message.

Educational, entertaining, and enlightening, these supplements are a wonderful addition to your regular science curriculum. 28 minutes each.

Rebekah, Winter 2014

Using classic literature to teach language arts is an ingenious idea. Who better to learn reading comprehension, vocabulary, and essay writing from than the best of the best writers?

Because this is designed as a teacher-driven course, you will only need the one book, which includes all of the student and teacher information, as well as the answers to the discussion questions. It can be used at any time during high school, with a choice of American literature or British literature. Both of them feature units on novels, essays, and poetry, but American Lit has a short story unit and British Lit has a book review unit. Each one has a list of required reading titles, which are available separately.

This well-rounded course will help your high school students read and understand classic literature and use it for college preparation. Approx. 200 pages, softcover.

Rebekah, Summer 2013

    I've always hated algebra. My brain was never able to grasp many of the algebraic concepts by simply reading though a lesson. But one day, while previewing Saxon Teacher's Algebra 1, I was able to understand and master quite a few principles that had eluded me before.

    Great for both visual and auditory learners, the lessons concisely explain the questions while a digital white board illustrates the solutions. Seeing the same problems as are shown in the Saxon Math textbooks, the student is able to select any areas where they need additional help, whether it's an example from the lesson, practice exercise, workbook assignment, or even a test. Also included are helpful hints and strategies for each concept.

    This is a wonderful resource for students struggling in algebra and should help them accomplish what they need to succeed.

    Includes five "lesson" CD-ROMs and one test solution CD-ROM. 128MB RAM; Windows 98/00/ME/XP/Vista/7/8, Macintosh 10.2 or higher.

    -Rebekah, Summer 2013

      I've always been fascinated with the universe. So, when I was given the opportunity to write reviews for CBD, I chose this astronomy book without hesitation. With an easy-to-understand text, colorful illustrations, and actual photos of cosmic bodies, this curriculum is tons of fun for the whole family!

      The elementary level is designed for kindergarten through grade 6, and some of the activities also offer different versions for younger or older students so you can customize it for your child. There are notebooking journals available that include all the questions from the textbook and additional exercises, such as crossword puzzles, to reinforce the lessons. We used the notebooking journal, as well as a junior notebooking journal for younger students not as proficient in reading and writing.

      My favorite part of this book is the experiments and hands-on activities. Who wouldn't love to build a rocket or create a cloud? (And we're talking a real cloud, not a cotton ball cloud!) It even includes the classic "burn a leaf with a magnifying glass" activity. All three of my younger brothers used this book, and when I asked them about it, they responded, "It was awesome!" All in all, a wonderful and informative textbook! 176 pages, hardcover from Apologia.

      -Rebekah, Summer 2013