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    I've always hated algebra. My brain was never able to grasp many of the algebraic concepts by simply reading though a lesson. But one day, while previewing Saxon Teacher's Algebra 1, I was able to understand and master quite a few principles that had eluded me before.

    Great for both visual and auditory learners, the lessons concisely explain the questions while a digital white board illustrates the solutions. Seeing the same problems as are shown in the Saxon Math textbooks, the student is able to select any areas where they need additional help, whether it's an example from the lesson, practice exercise, workbook assignment, or even a test. Also included are helpful hints and strategies for each concept.

    This is a wonderful resource for students struggling in algebra and should help them accomplish what they need to succeed.

    Includes five "lesson" CD-ROMs and one test solution CD-ROM. 128MB RAM; Windows 98/00/ME/XP/Vista/7/8, Macintosh 10.2 or higher.

    -Rebekah, Summer 2013