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Story of the World

    Straightforward stories that introduce children to the grand sweep of history! This multilevel one-year curriculum for grades 1 to 4 covers ancient to modern times—from the dawn of civilization to the downfall of the Soviet Union—within the four volumes. Parents can read the text aloud to younger children or older children can read independently.

    The corresponding activity books (sold separately) feature lots of projects, comprehensive questions, mapping, timelines, games, and crafts. Also included is a helpful reading list of fiction and nonfiction titles to enrich your child’s understanding of the time period.

    Tests are sold separately, too, for parents who want to see how students are retaining the material.

    My kids and I loved reading together and doing the projects. With so many great stories and activities to enjoy, there is something for everyone. This program can be used by the whole family to learn together! Approx. 350 pages each, softcovers.

    Cindy, Spring 2014

      This 2-year history course is not your standard textbook curriculum. It's designed for middle school to high school students, but many parts can be used by your entire family. The teacher's guide offers activities and reading lists for kindergartners to adults, and features instructions for adapting the material for younger students.

      The activity book includes work sheets and review pages for concepts and units that can be used as quizzes or tests. The teacher's guide provided me with weekly lesson notes, background information, book lists, answer keys, and activity ideas such as timelines, mapping, study projects, writing assignments, research topics, and even review games for family nights. You could never do all the supplemental work within this curriculum, but it sure was fun trying!

      My family and I loved using this resource because it made history so interesting. Even studying World War II gave us an excuse to watch one of our favorite movies, The Sound of Music, together.

      Cindy, Winter 2014

        This history and geography course for grades 5 to 8 covers America from its beginnings to the present. My children and I learned a great deal about America’s landmarks, natural resources, and our past and present leaders, but this course really came to life for us through the accompanying book, We the People. Based on personal journals and real accounts from people in the past, it includes famous speeches and documents for us to review and study. This was a fun way for my kids to learn about America past and present. Includes two hardcover student textbooks, book of primary resources, timeline book, maps, and answer key. From Notgrass.

        -Cindy, Summer 2013

        P.S. This curriculum also offers two workbooks that are sold separately. The Lesson Review provides daily review questions and weekly tests to help the student retain the information. The Student Workbook includes fill-in-the-blank activities, drawing, and other handwork sheets.

        When I was homeshooling my children, I read aloud to them daily. We took a history-based approach to our reading time, using literature to tell the stories of our past. One series we pulled from regularly was Christian Heroes: Then & Now. This series not only told fascinating biographies of brave men and woman, it also exposed us to new countries and cultures.

        There are hidden treasures in these books about our Christian ancestors. They tell tales that build our faith by revealing God at work in the lives of people who placed their trust in him! They are testimonies to how God will work through both ordinary and extraordinary people alike. They celebrate the type of courageous, dedicated, and godly heroes we want our children to admire.

        Little pieces of the stories bring back the fondest memories of our homeschool days. I found these books personally faith-building, and I know they have helped shape my children's faith as well. Approx. 200 pages each, softcovers from YWAM.

        Lynette, Summer 2013