Science Shepherd

Introductory Science

The Science Shepherd "Introductory Science" curriculum is a complete, video-based science curriculum for students in grades 1-6; the "Level A" curriculum is for ages 6-8/grades 1-3 and "Level B" is for ages 9-11/grades 4-6. Both levels cover the same content; however, Level B contains additional exercises and assignments. Topics covered include creation, geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology and more!

This video course includes a set of DVDs that contain daily 2-5 minute video lessons (including activities), which can be viewed on your own time schedule. The course is divided into 35 weeks, but can be easily adjusted to fit your schedule.

Workbooks and answer keys for each level are sold-separately.

Life Science: Jr High/Middle School

Developed by a physician and homeschool dad, Science Shepherd Homeschool Life Science curriculum is a robust yet easy-to-learn life science-based program for middle school / junior high. Life Science can also be used as an introductory science course for high school students who have not received a lot of science exposure. Science Shepherd's Life Science textbook was written to equip students with foundational life science principles, while remaining true to Biblical Creation.

This textbook reviews cells, DNA, classification, human anatomy & physiology, evolution & creation, earth studies, and more. Chapters are written for students to work through independently, with full-color pictures and graphics integrated throughout; each chapter ends with study questions to help students review and master the content.

The "Answer Key & Parent Companion for Life Science" includes study question and test answers, plus chapter summaries with teaching points. A helpful way to guide parents through the curriculum without needing a science background! Includes extra questions that can be asked to help ensure topic comprehension as well as a 36-week reading and lab schedule.

The Science Shepherd Test Booklet includes 9 tests that comprehensively review material from the textbook.

Middle School / Grades 6-8.

This kit includes:

  • Textbook; 300+ pages, hardcover.

  • Answer Key and Parent Companion 100+ pages.
  • Test Booklet

Biology: High School

Science Shepherd's Biology curriculum was developed for homeschoolers who wish to teach science through high school without any fear! Designed for independent students, the step-by-step instruction allows for a comprehensive curriculum to be taught without parental knowledge. Chapters begin with a preview of concepts covered; as the topic is explained through easy- to-understand text, the included high quality, full-color photos and graphics help students fully understand each concept. Study questions are given at the end of each chapter, and students are told when to take tests in the (sold-separately) test book. Thirty-four chapters cover standard biology topics, including biochemistry, cells, DNA/RNA, genes and heredity, evolution, kingdoms, human anatomy and physiology, and ecology. 34 chapters. Grades 9-12. Scripture is taken from the NIV, ESV, and KJV.

This third edition includes updates to graphics and graphic text, large re-writes of multiple chapters, and nomenclature updates (e.g. Archaebacteria to "Archaea" and "Eubacteria" to "Bacteria.)

Tests in the test booklet cover multiple chapters, and feature both short answer/essay questions, as well as true/false questions.

The Parent Companion & Answer Key includes line-listed answers for the study questions and tests (arranged in separate sections). The parent companion aspect features chapter lesson plans that include: a chapter preview with outline of what will be discussed and an overview as well as topic questions with the correct answer in bold and a bullet-point lesson notes for each section.

This Science Shepherd Biology, 3rd Edition kit includes:

  • Student Textbook, 762 pages, hardcover. 3rd Edition.

  • Parent Companion and Answer Key, 241 pages, softcover, 3rd Edition.
  • Test Booklet, 15 tests, 48 pages, softcover, 3rd Edition. NIV/KJV Scripture used. Tests are not r eproducible.

This set is still compatible with the Science Shepherd Lab DVD and Lab Manual (sold-separately).

New! Astronomy

Your whole family can set off on an adventure through God’s universe with Science Shepherd’s video-based Astronomy: God’s Universe homeschool curriculum! With two levels that cover upper elementary through grade 9, students learn about the solar system and planets before venturing deeper into space to explore the stars, galaxies, nebula and other astronomical wonders that God has created. Along the way, a special focus is given to discussing the merits of the big bang and creation origin models to clearly show that, scientifically, the big bang model fails while the creation model is consistent with astronomical observations.  Using a 36-week schedule, Level A is perfect for ages 10 – 13 with 66 lessons (that’s over 7 video hours) of age-appropriate content. Level B is suitable for ages 12 and up, with over 95 lessons (11+ video hours), covering the same material, and including more complex content, such as discussions about antimatter, dark matter, solar matter, binary stars, energy, relativity, and more. Curriculum workbooks for both levels and workbook answer keys are sold separately. 5 DVDs. Grades 5 – 9.