Savvas Science

Savvas Science is a comprehensive K-8 and high school science program from Savvas Learning, featuring Elevate Science, Experience Chemistry, and Miller and Levine Biology, that focuses on active, student-centered learning.

Savvas Elevate Science Grades K - 8

Elevate Science will help your students take their science education to the next level! This K-8 program is built around active, student-initiated experiences. Students work to figure out solutions to problems posed in thematic lessons. Assessment is built into the curriculum through lesson checks plus end-of-topic assessments that help students demonstrate mastery of science topics.

The colorful text is organized around storylines called "Quests" which feature check-ins and sections that ask students to synthesize and present their findings. A variety of labs help students apply what they've learned, encourage them to ask questions, learn about real-world design challenges, and apply critical thinking skills to the topics they're learning about.

This secular curriculum includes a variety of sideboxes and features that help kids make connections between science and literacy/math/reading and writing, learn about the engineering design process, apply critical thinking skills, learn about STEM careers, and use both hands-on experiments and virtual labs. Icons in the text point out where there are available video, interactive activities, games, documents, or assessments to access online using the Savvas Realize platform.

Savvas Realize online components include a digital teacher's guide with select answers overlaid, sidebar helps, reduced-size student pages and other helpful sections commonly found in print teacher's guides; answer keys, and printable worksheets. Student resources include a student e-text of the textbook where you can simply click on assignments and multimedia, leveled reader e-texts, assessments, and more.

This Grade K curriculum covers earth, life, and physical science, specifically "pushes and pulls," matter, sunlight, Earth's weather, the needs of living things, and environments.

This Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Student Edition: a printed, consumable write-in student worktext
  • 1-year access "Savvas Realize" online learning system (seeincluded Digital Access to Savvas Realicard for instructions

Please Note: Only for purchase & use by homeschool parents and/or other authorized homeschool instructors in a homeschool setting.

Savvas High School Science

Immerse your high schooler in biological inquiry with Savvas’ Miller & Levine Biology. This blended print and digital program allows students to interact with natural phenomena through problem-based learning, research, case studies, STEM activities, and lab experiments. Chapters begin with real world case studies based on current scientific, social, and economic problems.  Data analysis activities, labs, and assessments tie relevant chapter concepts back to the case study, so students can make sense of how the concepts in their biology lessons affects their life.  Customizable Guided, Open-ended, and Argument-Based Inquiry labs let students investigate key questions, apply science and engineering practices, and interpret data, in order to promote understanding and practice scientific reasoning. Online student resources include animations, interactive media, “Scientist at Work” career videos, lab simulations, short films, study guides, quizzes, hands-on activities, and spreadsheet and data analysis tutorials.  All digital content – virtual labs, interactive activities, assessments, and all teacher resources, such as demos, lesson plans, teaching tips, assessment information, and solutions – is delivered on the SavvasRealize online platform.  953 pages, hardcover, one online access card. Grade 9-10.

This bundle includes:

  • Student Edition
  • One-year digital access to Savvas Realize


Please note: Miller & Levine Biology is a secular program and includes a unit on evolutionary theory.

Prepare your high schooler for advanced scientific studies using inquiry into real world phenomena with Savvas’ Experience Chemistry. Based on the latest research on how chemistry is successfully mastered by students, Experience Chemistry presents scientific concepts and content through a series of hands-on and online interactive experiences that build understanding – it’s the science of doing! Ongoing exposure to everyday phenomena allows students to see chemistry in their own lives and in the world around them.  Using the 5E learning model, students will Engage with the concept by viewing a demonstration and completing a Claim-Evidence-Reasoning exercise, Explore with a hands-on lab and at least two virtual labs per unit, complete activities and analysis in their interactive Student Experience Notebooks, Elaborate by building science literacy skills with “Authentic Reading and “Writing About Science” assignments, and Evaluate with hands-on, paper, and digital based options for assessments, including a performance assessment that measures mastery of lab and concept techniques and practices.   With four versions of each hands-on lab to choose from (open-ended, guided, short, and advanced versions), you can customize your student’s real world-real science experience and fit it into your family’s schedule. Online animations help clarify new and complex concepts. Engineering design challenges are part of each unit. All digital content – virtual labs, interactive activities, assessments, and all teacher resources, such as demos, teacher instructions, assessment information, and solutions – is delivered on the SavvasRealize online platform.  307 and 439 pages, two softcovers, one online access card. Grades 10-12.


This bundle includes:

  • Student Experience Notebook, 2 volumes
  • One-year digital access to Savvas Realize