Adventures in the Northwoods

Kate O'Connell and her mother are left to struggle in 1906 Minneapolis after her father dies in a construction accident. Praying for a new husband for her mother, when God actually answers her prayers in the affirmative, Kate dreads what will happen next. Becoming part of a Swedish family in Wisconsin, Kate begins to get into conflicts with her step-brother Anders. When she notices some strange things happening around the farm, will she and Anders learn to work together to solve the mystery? 117 pages, softcover. Approximately 5th Grade & up.

Book 1 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

Kate O'Connell wakes to the murmur of voices. Overhearing that her step father needs to work at logging camp during the worst months of the winter, Kate and her step-brother Anders have to make do without him on their 1906 Wisconsin Northwoods farm. But then, near-disaster strikes once, and then a second time! When mysterious messages begin appearing, what will Kate discover? 120 pages, softcover.

Book 2 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

Kate O'Connell runs into another mystery when her friend's family's valuable ring disappears; and without the ring, they can't make their farm payment on time! Meanwhile, someone's sneaking into the Windy Hill barn at night to take Wildfire out for a ride. Could it be the same person? And who could that person be? 126 pages, softcover.

Book 3 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

Erik's horses have become dangerous runaways. Creamery checks have been stolen. Warning threats appear in the snow. Kate, Anders, and Erik feel sure that unless the thief is found he will steal again. Who can they trust? And how can Papa's letter to Kate and the promise he gives make the difference? Set in 1906-1907 in the Wisconsin Northwest. 128 pages, softcover. Approximately Grade 5 & up.

Book 4 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

Kate, Anders, and Erik see a man in dark clothes changing ownership marks on the logs that farmers plan to send downriver. But before they can see his face, the tinder swindler gets away. When mama receives word that her brother Ben, who stole from a shopkeeper, wants to visit, suspicion turns towards him. Ben's letter gives them only 2 days to meet him before he leaves, never to be seen by the family again. With Mama's baby coming soon, Kate and Anders must cross the St. Croix River without any help. How can they escape danger, find Ben, and offer Mama's forgiveness before the sun sets? 120 pages, softcover. Approximately Grade 5 & up.

Book 5 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

What secret could be hidden in the one-room schoolhouse at Spirit Lake? From the very first day, the spring term promises to be different from any other in the school's history. First, there's a new student who's older than the teacher. At six feet, three inches tall, he causes a stir with the school children-and the teacher! Next there's the strange sound that both Kate and Erik hear. And then there's Maybelle, Kate's eternal enemy! Can Kate live with courage in spite of being wrongly accused? A series of baffling clues seem to make no sense as she, Anders, and Erik search for answers. Is the only way to solve the mystery under the cover of darkness? Is the only way to solve the mystery under the cover of darkness? And if they solve the mystery will they really help someone?

Kate O'Connell and her family are waiting to meet her grandparents arriving from Sweden; but when the train arrives, there's no sign of them! Hoping to find them at their last change of trains, Papa and Ben go to St. Paul; however, they miss a telegram delivered in the middle of the night:


Grandma "lost"? When Anders, Erik, and Kate rush to catch the next train, they discover that Grandma is not simply lost-someone has stolen her away! Can they be wise in what they do, and find and rescue grandma? 127 pages, softcover. Approximately Grade 5 & up.

Book 7 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

The circus Big Top is coming with the most daring acts ever performed.and a lot of trouble!
Kate, Anders, and Erik are the first to see the huge poster that boldly proclaims the circus is coming to River Falls, Wisconsin. "Rare Wild Animals. Three Big Rings. Two Gigantic Shows Daily. Free Street Parade." Just the sight of the majestic animals is a thrill!
Then Kate and Anders discover their whole family is going to the circus. They will stay with Sarah Livingston, Kate's best friend from Minneapolis. Even Michael Reilly, who has always liked Kate, will be there!
But in the excitement lurks the dark news of accidents that have followed a circus star, the Great Roberto. Why is someone trying to hurt him? What is the secret of the diamonds, and who is the runaway clown? What danger follows not only the circus people, but also Kate and Tina? And why will Kate need to make a life-changing choice?

In the dark of night Kate, Anders, and Erik travel to Michigan to meet Cousin Megan. As the train clickety-clacks into Copper Country, Kate overhears whispers about an easy steal and a plan to follow Anders and Erik. Then talk about James Mitchell, the man who owns the mansion where Megan's father is caretaker.
When Kate sees her cousin for the first time they look like identical twins. But Megan is blind, and her friend Willie makes matters worse. When Megan says, "I want to do everything I possibly can," Kate answers, "We'll do everything together." But can Kate and the boys stay ahead of the thieves and keep that promise?
Who hides coded messages outside the mansion? Who follows their search for the silver nuggets from Central Mine? And how can Megan, who sees more than many sighted persons, become a courageous part of the solution?
Recommended for ages 8-12.

With reward money in hand, Kate, Anders, and Erik head to a stable to buy a horse for Kate. A beautiful black stallion is for sale, but she discovers she can buy two poorly cared for horses for the price of one, and Kate strikes a deal. While riding home with Windsong and Breeza, Kate and Erik are startled when someone tries to grab Windsong's bridle. Kate eludes the would-be thief, but she's frightened. Who would want to steal a scruffy, underfed horse? When Windsong's lead rope is deliberately untied and the horse disappears, Kate becomes convinced her horse must be more valuable than she first believed. But Kate is also sure she's made a terrible mistake. Can she ever know the love of God again?