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      1. Memory Triggers Elementary Math Terms
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        Memory Triggers Elementary Math Terms
        Trigger Memory Systems / Trade Paperback
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      Tired of getting that blank look when your children read the instructions to a math problem, especially when you are certain they know how to do the work? Often, the problem isn't the math itself that confuses the child, but rather, understanding the terminology. This booklet covers 16 commonly used and easily forgotten math terms. Memory Triggers utilizes the same FUN mnemonic approach used so successfully with Times Tales. Simple pictures and stories combine to trigger your child's memory to remember the meaning of the term and what to do to solve the problem. This is a great tool for any elementary age student struggling with remembering commonly used math terms. Put an end to questions like, "What does denominator mean, again?"

      Booklet covers such terms and procedures such as:

    1. Greater Than & Less Than symbol
    2. Decades & Centuries
    3. Vertical & Horizontal
    4. Numerator & Denominator
    5. Proper & Improper Fraction
    6. Converting an Improper Fraction
    7. Sum, Difference and more!