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    1. New Syllabus Math Textbook 2 (New Edition)
      New Syllabus Math Textbook 2 (New Edition) Inc / Trade Paperback
      1. New Syllabus Math Textbook 4 (New Edition)
        New Syllabus Math Textbook 4 (New Edition) Inc / Trade Paperback
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        Stock No: WW373557

      4th in a series of four textbooks, the New Syllabus Mathematics series covers 'O' Level Mathematics. New Syllabus 4 is recommended for students who want a challenging course that will require them to actually apply knowledge to new situations, rather than simply following a procedure. This series integrates pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry and includes some advanced math topics; homeschoolers should be aware that teacher involvement is generally necessary.

      Explanations of concepts and principles are concise and written in clear language with supportive illustrations and examples. Exercises marked with a * either require more thinking or involve more calculations.

      Features Include:

    1. An interesting introduction at the beginning of each chapter with photographs or graphics.
    2. Brief specific instructional objectives for each chapter.
    3. "Just for fun" arouses the students' interests in studying mathematics.
    4. "Thinking Time" encourages students to think creatively and go even deeper into the topics.
    5. "Exploration" provides opportunities for students to learn actively and independently
    6. "For your information" provides extra information on mathematicians, mathematical history and events etc.
    7. "Problem Solving Tips" provide suggestions to help students in their thinking processes. We also introduce problem solving heuristics and strategies systemically throughout the series.
    8. "Your Attention" alerts students to misconceptions.

      Answers to exercises, reviews, and tests are in the back of the book. There are no answers provided for the investigations and explorations yet. The workbook for this series is sold separately. Grades 7-10. 380 pages, softcover.

      1. New Syllabus Math Workbook 4 (New Edition)
        New Syllabus Math Workbook 4 (New Edition) Inc / Trade Paperback

      This workbook accompanies Singapore Math's sold-separately New Syllabus Math Textbook 4 (New Edition). A summary of each chapter, practice questions, mindmap problems, and alternative assessments are provided to give students practice for examinations as well as new approaches to learning math.

      Answers for the practice questions are included in the back, but not for the alternative assessments, which are primarily investigations.

      The workbook does not include room to work out the answers to the practice questions; students must use separate pieces of paper. 174 pages, softcover.