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Fan-Math Singapore Workbooks


Fan-Math Math Express Workbooks

Help your math students improve their speed and accuracy--no matter what level they're at! Fan-Math Math Express high achievers can challenge themselves to master speedy calculations, while low-achievers can develop an interest in working with numbers while destroying "math-phobia." Examples are clearly explained with both concrete and abstract representation; tests include room for the time taken, scoring, answers, and a word problem. Answer Keys included.


Fan-Math Process Skills Workbooks

Written to help primary level students to strengthen their thinking and problem-solving skills, Process Skills workbooks feature routine and non-routine problems to help students develop necessary reasoning, communication, thinking, heuristic, application, and modeling skills. Perfect as a supplement for additional approaches, examples, and problem-solving practice, Process Skills in Problem Solving features meaningful and challenging activities that will help kids think beyond the problem! Black and white pages provide word problems, as well as graphically-represented problems to solve. Answer key with reduced student pages and overlaid answers included.


Fan-Math i-Excel

Non-routine problems will hone students' creative and critical thinking skills as they complete the heuristic (experienced-based) approach to developing a rigorous problem-solving framework. The i-Excel Heuristic and Model Approach series aims to equip primary pupils with essential skills to meet new trends and challenges in mathematics as well as to develop new ways in harnessing the skills for effective and enjoyable learning. Step-by-step worked examples, illustrated thinking processes, new challenges, and selected detailed solutions provide a simple way to develop students' mathematical thinking skills.