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About the Series

Singapore’s middle-school to high-school level Discovering Mathematics curriculum is currently going through a transition.

Previously, the program was organized as Discovering Mathematics Levels 1A-4B, which covered grades 7-10.

However, the publisher has begun changing this system to align with common core standards, and the level numbers were changed to reflect the grade they covered. Thus, the first two years of the program now are now revised and re-labeled as “Discovering Mathematics” 7A & 7B and 8A & 8B. They still flow into Discovering Mathematics 3A & 3B (Grade 9) and 4A & 4B (Grade 10); however, these latter grades are not common-core aligned.

The books are also structured differently, with the new Grade 7 & 8 Common Core book series containing a textbook, a teacher’s notes book, a student workbook, and a workbook solution book. The Grade 9 & 10 curriculum is structured with a textbook, teacher’s guide, question bank book, workbook, and workbook teacher’s edition.

This challenging series integrates pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry and includes some trigonometry and advanced math topics. Like other Singapore programs, teacher involvement will generally be required.

For more detailed information, please see the How does Singapore's Discovering Mathematics Work? PDF. For an overview of contents, please see the Discovering Mathematics Scope & Sequence PDF.

Discovering Mathematics Common Core Grade 7

Discovering Mathematics Common Core Grade 8

Discovering Mathematics Grade 9/Level 3