Saxon Math Grade 2

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  1. Saxon Math 2, Home Study Kit
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    Saxon Publishing / Other
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    5 out of 5 stars for Saxon Math 2, Home Study Kit. View reviews of this product. 20 Reviews

Saxon's Math 2 kit continues teaching young minds in an incremental manner, slowly building upon previously learned concepts and increasing retention. Math 2 covers working with larger numbers, geometric shapes, Venn diagrams, graphs, basic calculations, simple fractions and multi-step problems.

This kit includes:

  • Meeting Book
  • Teacher's manual, 746 pages.
  • Student Work Kit & Fact Cards
  • The Manipulatives Kit is required and sold separately.

    1. Saxon Math 2, Meeting Book
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      Saxon Publishing / 1994 / Trade Paperback
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      4 out of 5 stars for Saxon Math 2, Meeting Book. View reviews of this product. 8 Reviews
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    The Meeting Book is a calendar used to keep track of your child's progress. Record "meetings" from Saxon Math Level 2.

    Help build your children's foundation for practical and academic math skills with saxon's incremental approach to learning. Constant review and practice keeps concepts fresh and ready to be built upon by subsequent lessons. Second graders will learn to skip-count, place numbers in order, master addition and subtraction facts, multiplication, volume & mass, basic geometry and more. This two workbook kit includes 130 worksheets and corresponding assessment forms. Color-coded fact cards will also give your child plenty of practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Three-hole-punched, softcover. (Meeting Books not included and sold-separately).

    The key to math success for your irrepressible hands-on learners! Designed to complement Saxon Math programs for grades K to 3, this home study kit includes a set of 55 dominoes, 100 "color tiles," 2 geoboards with rubber bands, 2 plastic clocks, assorted tangrams and colorful plastic shapes, 2 standard rulers, a student balance, teddy bear counters, and more.

    1. Saxon Mathematics K-3 Home Study Manipulative Kit
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      Nature's Workshop Plus! / 2011 / Other
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      5 out of 5 stars for Saxon Mathematics K-3 Home Study Manipulative Kit. View reviews of this product. 9 Reviews Video

    This kit contains the manipulatives you'll need for introducing and reinforcing the math concepts taught in the Saxon Mathematics K-3 program. Perfect for kinesthetic learners, the hands-on activities will help with comprehension and mastery of foundational math concepts.

    Kit contains: 48 baby bear counters, 100 color tiles, a complete set of double nine dominoes, 2 geoboards with rubber bands, 1 hundred number board, 100 linking cubes, 100 pattern blocks, 1 primary balance, 2 rulers, 2 student clocks, 1 set of four tangrams, 25 two-color counting discs.