Developmental Math Level 4

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  1. Developmental Math, Level 4, Educator's Guide
    L. George Saad
    Mathematics Programs Associate / Trade Paperback
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This educator's guide accompanies Developmental Math Level 4. It provides the answers to the student book, as well as information for the teacher on how each level fits into the overall program. Notes may include how lessons to one another, highlight important concepts, delineate lessons objectives, or feature additional elaboration for exercises. Student page numbers are referenced. Softcover.

The Developmental Mathematics workbook series covers basic mathematics through early algebra. Workbooks aren't grade-specific, but rather focus on individual skills, making it an ideal curriculum for self-paced learners at any ability level. This is a self-teaching curriculum that was specifically designed for students to read, learn, and complete themselves, cultivating independent learning skills.

Lessons begin with an explanation of the concept and example problems that are solved step-by-step. A number of practice problems are provided on the following "Applications" pages.

Level 4 covers the tens group, including concepts, addition, and subtraction facts.

80 pages, softcover. Student workbook only; levels are not grade specific. Skills are early elementary. A diagnostic test is included.

  1. Developmental Math, Placement Test Package A-E
    L. George Saad
    Mathematics Programs Associate / Trade Paperback
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Place your student in the appropriate Developmental Math level with this set of placement tests for levels 1-16. Each test (labeled A-E) covers three levels; parents will be able to see what at what level their child is currently working. Answer key included.