A+ Full Math 3 Month Online Program

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  1. A+ Interactive Online Math Grade 1 Full Curriculum (3 Months)
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The A+ Interactive Full Curriculum Single Grade Level : 1st Grade Math, 3 Month course option provides a single student with three months of access to the A+ Interactive Grade 1 online curriculum. Multi-sensory and interactive, this online math curriculum will help your students prepare for the next level of mathematical knowledge.

This Grade 1 course covers: counting numbers, regrouping, subtraction using objects, identifying and writing fractions, picture and bar graphs, comparing money, patterns with objects and shapes, and more.

A recommended weekly lesson plan is included. Students usually cover three lessons per week, and should expect to spend 3-4 hours each week completing the material. A chapter test is provided once all the lessons in the chapter are done.


  • A comprehensive course which meets and exceeds state and national standards

  • Colorful, engaging, concise lessons that incorporate audio, visual, and textual elements
  • Interactive review identifies and closes learning gaps as it automatically re-teaches concepts
  • Students practice problem solving with real-time feedback
  • Step by step instructions make completing assignments easy
  • Automatically generated worksheets and exams can be printed or completed online; when done online, they are instantly graded and recorded
  • Students can review each question for online worksheets and exams with step-by-step solutions
  • Use templates to create additional worksheets and exams for extra practice when required
  • Progress reports allows students to track their own success and encourage independent learning
  • Printable worksheets and exams allows flexibility
  • Reference sheets provide easy access to facts and formulas

Parental Features include:

  • A recommended lesson plan
  • Instant online grading
  • Manage all students (if purchasing for multiple students) from one account
  • Parental controls can lock solution guides
  • Progress reports identify areas of strength and weakness
  • Ability to print worksheets/exams and input student scores to track progress for work completed offline