Looking at biology through the prism of the "war of the worldviews," Building Blocks of Life Science sets the "4 C's" of biblical history: Creation, corruption, catastrophe, and Christ, against Darwin's "substitute god, an alternate religion." Throughout, author Gary Parker contrasts creationism with what evolutionists believed in the past, as well as other elements they currently believe.

Unit 1 covers genetic biological changes, unit 2 covers patterns in structure and development, and unit 3 focuses on DNA. Individual chapters cover genetics, macro and micro evolution, the limits on natural selection, mutations, missing links, DNA, cells, and more.

Illustrations and charts help to clarify concepts; though no experiments are included, end-of-chapter questions help with retention and assessment. 158 pages, softcover. Answer key included.

Tracing the dual history of Evolutionism and Creationism, this workbook presents opening arguments from both sides, clearly showing the loopholes in evolutionary thought as well as how creationism melds old & new evidence into a biblically supported model. Looking at both "discoveries" as well as cultural shifts, this is a fascinating study of both sides of the "war of the worldviews". Each chapter concludes with review questions and extra projects. Black and white photos are included throughout. 160 pages, softcover; answers included.

Learn about the earth's landscapes and vistas through a Biblical lens with Building Blocks in Earth Science. Combining the methods and evidences of science and biblical history, you can make sense of why the Earth's surface appears as it does today.

Learn about:

  • The structure of Earth and its atmosphere
  • Types of minerals and rocks, the water table, and types of volcanoes
  • Earth's tornadoes, faults, polarity, magnetism, reeds, folding, hypercanes, deltas, and much more!

    160 pages, paperback.