Jacobs Geometry from Master Books

Harold Jacobs' Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding is an authoritative math text through which nearly one million students have learned the principles of geometry. Students learn through a combination of discussions, cartoons, anecdotes, and vivid exercises that work together to develop an understanding of the concepts behind the formulas. A proof-based course, Jacobs' Geometry will help students see the main ideas and applications, put their new understanding into practice through doing the exercises, and finally understand why geometry works the way it does. Sixteen units cover: lines, angles, direct and indirect proofs, congruence, inequalities, parallel lines, quadrilaterals, transformations, area, similarity, triangles, circles, concurrence theorems, non-Euclidean geometries, and more.

780 pages, indexed, softcover. Selected answers are provided in the back of the text.

Make teaching Harold Jacobs' Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding 3rd Edition Student Text (not-included and sold-separately) easy with this helpful teacher's guide!

This Teacher's Guide includes:

  • A convenient daily schedule with space to record grades

  • Chapter tests, two mid-terms, and two final tests for student assessment
  • Answer keys for all tests utilized in the course

Please note that answers for the exercises in the text are NOT included; those can be purchased separately in the Harold Jacobs' Geometry Solutions Manual (not-included).

This Solutions Manual is designed to be used with Harold Jacob's Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding, 3rd Edition (sold-separately), and helps students understand how to solve problems in the text. This Solutions Manual provides more than mere answers to problems; it explains and illustrates the process of the equations, and identifies the answers for all exercises in the course, including mid-term and final reviews. 276 pages, softcover.

Make teaching geometry at home so much easier with this helpful DVD supplement for use with Harold Jacob's Geometry , 3rd Edition (textbook sold-separately). Featuring thorough explanations of each lesson, students view lessons in conjunction with reading their textbook and watch an experienced mathematics instructor solve example problems step by step. Dr. Callahan emphasizes the importance of understanding the concepts behind geometry and he teaches key concepts without a lot of difficult math jargon. Students will learn to write proofs, prove properties of geometric figures, improve their problem solving and deductive reasoning through the study the geometric points, lines, and shapes, and more. Approximately 4 hours of content on 5 DVDs.