History of the Old Testament & World

Learn about how early historians, including James Ussher, Sebastian Adams, and Isaac Newton, calculated historical dates using the Bible!

An astonishing work by a brilliant mind! Basing his conclusions on classical research, Newton does for the secular history of early nations what Ussher did for biblical history. From the ancient Greeks to Alexander the Great, he uses logic, astronomy, and his own observations to establish a sound chronology of events that shaped the archaic world. 208 pages, hardcover from Master Books.

The goal of this book is to demonstrate "that every chronological statement contained in the Sacred Writ is consistent with all other chronological statements contained there-in. "The author carefully and thoroughly investigates the chronological and mathematical facts of the Old Testament, proving them to be accurate and reliable. This biblically sound, scholarly, and easy-to-understand book will enlighten and astound its readers with solutions and alternatives to many questions Bible scholars have had over the centuries.
Were there 66, 70, or 75 "souls" in Egypt when Jacob arrived? Were the Hebrews in Egypt for 430 years, or a shorter length of time? How long did Jacob have to wait before marrying the first of Laban's daughters, and how long did he wait for the second? What year was Christ born? With reliable explanatory text, charts, and diagrams, this book provides a systematic framework of the chronology of the Bible from Genesis through the life of Christ. Features:

  • Solution to the chronology of Judges
  • Solution to Daniel 9:2, the 483-year prophecy
  • Solution to the length of the Hebrews' sojourn in Egypt
  • Solution to the "number of souls" in Egypt when Jacob came there
  • Chronology of the life of Christ
  • Chronology of the kings of the divided monarchy
  • 48 charts, graphs, and diagrams
  • Fully indexed/complete bibliography
  • Full sized wall charts available as a free download
  • The foldout chart features detailed, full-color drawings of various stages of history, from Adam and Eve to the late 19th century, with handwritten commentary throughout. Perfect for educational settings or Sunday school walls, it includes the descriptive booklet that was originally published with the chart. Follows James Ussher's time-line from The Annals of the World, the inspiration for Adam's monumental work. PANELS ONLY.

    Based on Ussher's The Annals of the World and featuring colorful artwork representing people and events from creation to the late 19th century, this vintage biblical and historical timeline was originally published in 1871. Post it on your walls and let it inform your kids' imaginations as they learn. Features 21 foldout 13" x 28" panels.