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Brian's Saga

Thirteen year old Brian Robeson survived the plane crash. . .but now was alone, in the middle of the woods of Canada, with only a hatchet. The story of how he stayed alive for 54 days---finding food, getting water, escaping animals, building a shelter, constructing a bow---has riveted young readers and become a modern young-adult classic.

This 20th anniversary edition of Gary Paulsen's Newbery Honor book Hatchet features new illustrations by Drew Willis that illustrate Brian's gear as well as interesting sidebar notes from the author.

188 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. Ages 10-14.

An alternative ending in full-book form, Brian's Winter takes a different route than the ending given at Gary Paulsen's classic novel Hatchet. What if Brian Robeson hadn't been rescued at the end of summer? What if he had to continue to rely on his intelligence, intellect, and hatchet throughout the cold and deadly winter? Filled with the same thrill of survival as the previous novel, naturalists and adventures-lovers will be riveted. 133 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

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