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Help your student review the life and works of the Western world's most famous writer-essential knowledge for college preparation and cultural literacy. Offering concise and authoritative alphabetical entries on Shakespeare's background and major characters, this brief guide gives you insights on subjects from authorship, women in theatre and more. 320 pages, softcover.

Read about the life of the Bard in kid-friendly terms! With summaries of his plays interwoven into the story of his life, Who Was William Shakespeare recounts Shakespeare's family life, accomplishments in the theatre, and what it was like living during his era. Famous lines and quotes are included alongside many small pen-and-ink illustrations that bring an added charm. 104 pages, softcover. Timeline included.

Covering over 400 years of scholarship, Schoenbaum's A Documentary Life follows the original sources that provide insight into various facets of the Bard's life. This compact edition features the full text, as well as 50 of the documents reproduced in smaller format. 384 indexed pages, softcover.

    Nearly everyone knows the name of Shakespeare, even 400 years after his death. Why? Celebrated poet, critic, and Shakespeare enthusiast Michael Rosen answers that question with humor, knowledge, and appreciation, offering a whirlwind tour of Shakespeare's life, his London, and four of his plays: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, King Lear, and The Tempest. Grades 3-7.

    The play's the thing!

    Jump into the life of Shakespeare and his work with this engaging, visual tour through the Bard's legacy! A section for each of Shakespeare's plays provides information about major themes, principal characters, action arranged by act and scene, a synopsis of plot, and information about each play's reputation and impact over the years. There's also information on the narrative poems, sonnets, and other works. Follows the text and chronology of the Complete Oxford Shakespeare. 352 pages, hardcover with dust jacket.

    Shakespeare Biographies - eBook

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