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Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning

  1. Aurora Leigh and Other Poems
    Aurora Leigh and Other Poems
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Penguin Books / 1996 / Trade Paperback
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'Her ardour and abundance, her brilliant descriptive powers, her shrewd and caustic humour infect us with her own enthusiasm' wrote Virginia Woolf of Aurora Leigh in 1931. 'We laugh, we protest, we complain-it is absurd, it is impossible, we cannot tolerate this exaggeration a moment longer-but, nevertheless, we read to the end entralled. What more can an author ask?' Aurora Leigh(1856), Elizabeth Barrett Browning's epic novel in blank verse, tells the story of the making of a woman poet, exploring 'the woman question', art and its relation to politics and social oppression. In addition to Aurora Leigh, this volume contains poetry from several volumes of Elizabeth Barret Browning's published poetry from 1826-1862, including The Cry of the Children (1843), Casa Guidi Windows (1851) and the British Library manuscript text of the 'Sonnets from the Portuguese" which records her courtship with Robert Browning.

  1. The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    Robert Browning
    Random House / 1993 / Hardcover
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These poems have long been considered the finest written by a woman in the English language, their literary excellence is surpassed only by the sonnets of Shakespeare. First published in 1850, "Sonnets from the Portuguese" is composed of forty-four poems which Elizabeth had secretly written for her husband, Robert Browning.

  1. Browning: Poems - eBookeBOOK
    Browning: Poems - eBook
    Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Everyman's Library / 2012 / ePub
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    Stock No: WW30235EB
  1. Sonnets from the Portuguese - eBookeBOOK
    Sonnets from the Portuguese - eBook
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Doubleday / 2013 / ePub
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  1. The Poems of Robert Browning
    The Poems of Robert Browning
    Robert Browning
    Wordsworth Editions / Trade Paperback
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An intellectual poet, Robert Browning mastered the art of dramatic dialogue. Demonstrating how the poet must be a sharply perceptive observer of the human condition, his poems range from historical works to his feelings for his wife, the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 698 pages, softcover.

  1. Browning:  Selected Poems
    Browning: Selected Poems
    Robert Browning
    Penguin Books / 2001 / Trade Paperback
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    Stock No: WW37266

Robert Browning, a towering poetic presence of the Victorian era, was hailed by Henry James as a tremendous and incomparable modern. The sheer immediacy and colloquial energy of his poetry ensure enduring appeal. Browning paints landscapes both suburban and sublime, combines lyrics and demotic language, and introduces everyday events of the streets and marketplace into the rarified world of Victorian poetry. This edition includes examples from the early Dramatic Lyrics (1842) and Dramatic Romantics and Lyrics (1845); from the masterpieces Men and Women (1855) and Dramatis Personae (1864), and from the less familiar works of his later years. Together they convey the intensity, the lyric beauty, and the vitality of Browning's poetry.