Dorothy L. Sayers

Dorothy L. Sayers, a contemporary of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, is best known for her Lord Peter Wimsey mystery novels and short stories. Her published work also includes plays, essays, literary criticism, and a translation of Dante's Divine Comedy.

The Four Gospels

The Man Born to Be King is a play-cycle of the four gospels in dramatic form. First written for BBC Broadcasting, Sayers stays true to the New Testament while bringing the audience into the reality of the life of Christ through a wealth of details and dialogue. Perfect for literary reading, devotions, homeschooling, or theological discussion! 327 pages, softcover.

From December 1941 until October 1942, the BBC broadcast a series of radio dramas written by Dorothy L. Sayers. Against the backdrop of World War II, the plays presented twelve episodes in the life and ministry of Jesus, from the visit of the magi to his death and resurrection, collectively affirming the kingship of Christ. Noted for their use of colloquial English, the plays were both controversial and incredibly successful, bolstering the morale of the country during the war. They were subsequently published in 1943, and they are one of Sayers's most beloved works. This new annotated edition brings fresh insights to the plays, their background, Sayers's creative process, and the ongoing significance of the life of Christ today. 420 pages softcover.

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Lord Peter Wimsey

One of the founding mothers of mystery, Dorothy L. Sayers first introduced the popular character Lord Peter Wimsey in 1923 with the publication of Whose Body? Over the next twenty years, more novels and short stories about the aristocratic amateur sleuth appeared, each one as cunningly written as the next. Now in a single volume, here are all of the Lord Peter Wimsey stories: a treasure for any mystery lover. From "The Fantastic Horror of the Cat in the Bag" to "The Image in the Mirror" and "Talboys," this collection is Lord Peter at his best-and a true testament to the art of detective fiction.

The nine tellerstokes from the belfry of an ancient country church toll out the death of an unknown man and call the famous Lord Peter Wimsey to one of his most brilliant cases. Steeped in the atmosphere of a quiet parish in the strange, flat fen-country of East Anglia, this is a tale of suspense, character, and mood by an author the critics rate as one of the great masters of the mystery novel.

Mystery novelist Harriet Vane knew all about poisons, and when her fiance died in the manner prescribed in one of her books, a jury of her peers had a hangman's noose in mind. But Lord Peter was anxious to prove her innocence and to make her his wife. "A model detective story from one of the most skillful mystery writers,"---New York Times. 272 pages, softcover. HarperPerennial.


One of the first women to graduate from Oxford University, Dorothy Sayers pursued her goals whether or not what she wanted to do was ordinarily understood to be "feminine." Sayers did not devote a great deal of time to talking or writing about feminism, but she did explicitly address the issue of women's role in society in the two classic essays collected here.

Central to Sayers' reflections is the conviction that both men and women are first of all human beings and must be regarded as essentially much more alike than different. We are to be true not so much to our sex as to our humanity. The proper role of both women and men, in her view, is to find the work for which they are suited and to do it.

Though written several decades ago, these essays still offer in Sayers' piquant style a sensible and conciliatory approach to ongoing gender issues.

In these influential essays, Sayers discusses the dangers of classifying women, the myth of "women's work," and the church's tendency to perpetuate role distinctions. "Sayers makes theology a joy to read,"---Living Church

In this spiritual classic, Sayers reflects on Christian creeds and beliefs about God. She focuses on the concept of God as creator, drawing on her own experience as a literary creator. ''The Christian faith,'' she writes, ''is the most exciting drama that ever staggered the imagination of man.'' With a new introduction by Madeleine L'Engle. Paper from Harper & Row, 256 pages.

"The devil should stand alert, for Sayers is one of his foremost adversaries,"---Living Church. An outspoken defender of Christian orthodoxy, Sayers elucidates creedal Christianity with brilliance and wit. Pieces include "The Dogma Is the Drama," "What Do We Believe?" and "Strong Meat." 288 pages, softcover. W.

In this anthology, renowned murder mystery writer Dorothy L. Sayers tackles faith, doubt, human nature, and the most dramatic story ever told.

Detective novel enthusiasts may not know that for almost as many years, Christian thinkers have appreciated the same Dorothy L. Sayers for her acumen as an essayist, playwright, apologist, and preeminent translator of Dante's Divine Comedy.

Now, for the first time, an anthology brings together the best of both worlds. The selections uncover the gospel themes woven throughout Sayers's popular fiction as well as her religious plays, correspondence, talks, and essays. Clues dropped throughout her detective stories reveal an attention to matters of faith that underlies all her work.

Dorothy Sayers' The Lost Tools of Learning was delivered as a speech in 1947, and has been one of the foundational works for the modern classical education movement. Advocating for organizing curriculum via the trivium-the now-familiar grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages-she advocated for integrated subjects and for students to learn to teach themselves. Read by Victoria Twigg and introduced by Dr. Christopher Perrin.

About Dorothy Sayers Life and Work

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Literary Criticism and Translations

  1. The Song of Roland
    Penguin Classics / 1957 / Trade Paperback
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  2. Introductory Papers on Dante: Volume  1: The Poet Alive in His Writings
    Dorothy L. Sayers
    Wipf & Stock / 2006 / Trade Paperback
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  3. Further Papers on Dante Volume 2:  His Heirs and His Ancestors
    Dorothy L. Sayers
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