Bronte Collection

For the Bronte-lover, this single volume is easier to bring down to the beach, on the airplane, or to the ski lodge than three separate books. Featuring the full texts of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte, these sisters' works provide a singular look at social injustice & gender issues in the context of gothic passion. 652 pages, softcover.

The Bronte sisters’ seven novels are collected in a beautiful slipcase with metallic details and original artwork.  This affordable collection includes Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte; and Jane EyreThe ProfessorShirley, and Villette by Charlotte Bronte. Softcovers.

    Complete Audio Collection

    The BBC presents full-cast dramatizations of the Bronte Sisters’ seven novels. Adapted for radio drama, this collection includes Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte; Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte; and Jane Eyre, The Professor, Shirley, and Villette by Charlotte Bronte. Approximately 14 hours and 40 minutes on audio CDs.

    The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

    Unfairly judged by her sisters and critics, Anne Bronte had a singular vision of women's rights that extended beyond the "rights" given in her own time.

    Divided into a unique three-part style, we learn of Helen Huntington's life via Gilbert Markham's letters--and in the middle, her own diary, which he transcribes faithfully. Escaping the corrupting influence of her husband (whom she admits it was a mistake to marry), Helen flees for the sake of her son Arthur, carrying him away to the remote Wildfell Hall. With a strong sense of her religious convictions and duty, Helen revolts against the idea that men may go off and have affairs, get drunk,--in short, "be a man"--whilst she and her son suffer the consequences of such heathen behavior. 535 pages, softcover, with an introduction and notes.

    Agnes Grey

    • Agnes Grey
      Anne Bronte
      Penguin Random House / 1989 / Trade Paperback
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    Drawing on her own experiences, Anne Bronte wrote her first novel out of an urgent need to inform her contemporaries about the desperate position of unmarried, educated women driven to take up the only "respectable" career open to them--that of a governess. Struggling with the monstrous Bloomfield children and then disdained in the superior Murray household, Agnes Grey tells a story that is at once a compelling inside view of Victorian chauvinism and ruthless materialism. 272 pages, softcover.

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      Anne Bronte
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      Anne Bronte
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    3. Agnes Grey - eBookThis product is an eBook
      Anne Bronte
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    4. The Complete Novels of the Bronte  Sisters: (Seven-Book  Bundle) - eBookThis product is an eBook
      Anne Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte
      HarperPerennial Classics / 2014 / ePub
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    Includes Anne Bronte

    Through the stories of their heroines, four beloved female novelists – Jane Austen, Anne Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Mary Wollstonecraft – challenged cultural expectations regarding women, especially in terms of marriage. Although scripture has all too often been used to oppress women, Fisher demonstrates that in the hands of these novelists and through the actions of their characters, Christian faith can also be a transformative force to liberate women. Part of the Studies in Theology and the Arts series which encourages Christians to thoughtfully engage with the relationship between their faith and artistic expression, with contributions from both theologians and artists on a range of artistic media including visual art, music, poetry, literature, and film. 272 pages, softcover.

    Bronte Biographies

        The story of the Bronte family is one of incredible romance, immense genius, and haunting sadness. From humble beginnings in Ireland the Reverend Patrick Bronte rose to the very heart of the reforming evangelical movement of the 19th century. Patrick's daughters Emily, Charlotte, and Anne came onto the pages of literary history with their novels, which still grip the imagination of readers today. But Branwell, the most promising of Patrick's children, is mourned for the wreck of his talent. All had the fire of deep emotions running in their veins. This biography traces the influence of Patrick Bronte's evangelical faith on the lives and work of all his children. Here is faith in the face of unremitting tragedy, imagination soaring out of pitiful sadness, and doubt vying with hope for dominance in the story of a literary family as fascinating as their fiction. 232 pages, eBook.