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WordBuild Foundation Series 1: Grades 3-5

WordBuild Foundation Series 2: Grades 3-5

WordBuild Elements Series 1: Grades 5-10

WordBuild Elements Series 2: Grades 5-10

WordBuild Elements Series 3: Grades 5-10

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  1. WordBuild ® the Game on  CD-ROM
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    WordBuild ® the Game on CD-ROM
    Dynamic Literacy LLC / Compact disc
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WordBuild the Game illustrates the formula WORD=Prefix + Root that is taught in the WordBuild Vocabulary: Elements Curriculum by Dynamic Literacy.

Players select a root and then string it together with prefixes and suffixes to build as many words as they can before time runs out. With over 200 roots and 18,000+ words, students can play again and again to improve scores. The game can be played in competitive (timed) mode or as a self-paced supplement to the root being covered in the Elements series. A great way to supplement your course! High scores are kept track of by root and by player. 5th Grade & up. Up to 99 players supported.

System Requirements:

  • WIN 98 or higher on PC
  • Mac OS X
  • 90 MB RAM