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Out-of-print for over 125 years, the original McGuffey's Eclectic Readers are considered educational classics. These books are world renowned for their teaching of reading through the integration of faith with learning. William Holmes McGuffey, outstanding 19th century educator and preacher, combined both of his God-given talents in the preparation of these early textbooks. Millions of copies were sold in their original Christ-centered form. The character of our Nation was molded in an upright manner through the repeated use of these textbooks over several generations.

In order to capture the true spirit of the original McGuffey's Eclectic Readers, no major content changes have been made. While this edition of the authentic Readers is being presented in a more easily readable form, the stories, poems, and pictures appear as they did in the first edition. Slight changes have taken place for the sake of clarification. However, no changes have been made in editorial content.

This boxed set includes:

  • Eclectic Primer
  • Eclectic Progressive Speller
  • Eclectic First Reader
  • Eclectic Pictorial Primer
  • Eclectic Second Reader
  • Eclectic Third Reader
  • Eclectic Fourth Reader
  • Softcover Parent/Teacher Guide

If Rev. McGuffey were teaching today, he'd still focus on godly content that promotes moral growth and a well-developed mind! Introduce your children to his 19th-century classics, which stress phonics, memorization, and progressive vocabulary building. Students begin with the alphabet and one-syllable words in the Pictorial Primer and by high school they're learning about Napoleon and Wilberforce in the Fourth Reader. Slight clarifying changes maintain the spirit of the originals. 1408 pages total, seven slipcased hardcovers from Mott Media.

The original, Christ-centered McGuffey Pictorial Reader that thousands of schoolchildren once grew up on, this classic book retains the flavor of the era. Pen and ink illustrations accompany large, clearly set text, with selections of poetry and prose of moral tendency.

This primer begins with the alphabet, and moves through simple three and four word sentences of one line each until children are finally able to read longer sentences and full paragraphs. 1st & 2nd Grades. 133 pages, hardcover.

Begins with the alphabet. Moves to simple one-syllable words such as cat and fox, then on to more difficult one-syllable words such as horse and spring. Illustrated with the charming original drawings. Grades 1-2. 60 pages, hardcover.

Most words are phonetically regular. A few have silent letters. The words get as hard as "would" and "stalked" and "engaged." Stories of children who want to please God and who love to learn. Use in the second and third grades.

Begins with one- and two-syllable words and progresses to more difficult words - covering about third grade through fifth grade reading levels. Stories on the Bible, American history, manners, animals, courage, honesty, God, and the love of reading.

Develops thinking skills and the richer vocabulary of grades six through eight. Famous authors like Addison, Irving, and Byron. Readings on questions such as how we know the Bible is from God; character building topics such as work versus idleness; and topics of science and nature. This book is an education and not merely a Reader. After mastering this, the student is reading better than most high school students.

Written more than 160 years ago by the brother of preacher and educator William Holmes McGuffey, this spelling primer is still revered for its solid instruction and Christ-centered content. Moving from basic phonics, it progresses to lessons on syllables and then to advanced vocabulary worthy of a graduate student. Readings feature godly themes and moral teachings. 142 pages, hardcover from Mott Media.

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