Easy Grammar

Easy Grammar teaches homeschooled students to utilize the prepositional approach, which asks them to memorize prepositions in order to eliminate them from sentences, making finding the noun and verb much easier.

About Easy Grammar

The all-inclusive Easy Grammar Teacher's Guides contain teacher's notes and reproducible student workbook pages and tests. Many parents prefer the convenience of purchasing the consumable student workbook and test book individually.

The Easy Grammar Ultimate series for grades 8 & up is identical in format except that the tests are NOT included in the teacher's guide and must be purchased as a separate test book. The Easy Grammar Ultimate Test Books include answers and are reproducible. Easy Grammar Plus is usually used for Grade 7 but is also suitable for high schoolers.

Each Daily Grams workbook provides 180 daily grammar review worksheets to be used alongside Easy Grammar or any other grammar curriculum, taking approximately 10 minutes to complete. Daily Grams Teacher Edition pages are reproducible and includes an answer key; the Daily Grams Student Workbook is consumable and does not include answers.

Easy Writing

Easy Grammar’s Easy Writing program teaches higher level sentence structures on two levels so your student can write more compelling paragraphs and essays. Level 1 is directed to beginners and elementary-age students, and Level 2 is geared to junior high, high school, and adult students. Designed to be used after the student has learned paragraph composition, Easy Writing teaches a step-by-step method for writing specific sentence structures so students learn how to make their paragraphs more interesting. Lessons cover instruction on sentences that contain complex grammatical features such as verbals, present and past participles in phrases, conjunctions, subordinate clauses, relative clauses, semi-colons, appositives, and the correct way to list items in a series, all of which will give your student the skills they need to write at a higher, more sophisticated level.  Reproducible worksheets and answers are included.  474 pages, softcover.