Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 10

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This teacher's guide accompanies the sold-separately Easy Grammar Ultimate Student Workbook: Grade 10. Concepts are expanded and reviewed through bold-font lesson discussion ideas for teachers to communicate to their students. Classroom reproducible student pages are included, with line listed answers in the back. 180 Days included. Softcover.

Easy Grammar Ultimate provides daily lessons on the basics of grammar: capitalization, punctuation, grammar and sentence combining (with an emphasis on expository writing) are all covered. Designed as an introduction to the important concepts students will need to know, Easy Grammar not only introduces new topics, but reviews them throughout the year. Using the same building-block approach as other Easy Grammar books, students will build upon their knowledge in only 10 minute increments, leaving ample time for literature, writing, and other important high school coursework. Teach your students step-by-step or let them work independently. Some Grade 10 topics covered include the differences between an independent clause and a dependent clause; construction of fragments; sentences; run-ons; and the structure of compound and complex sentences.

This Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 10 Test Book accompanies the Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 10 Student Workbook. It contains tests with a variety of editing, matching, writing exercises and other types of questions. 18 assessments are included. Answer keys are provided on the facing page; parents should reproduce tests, remove them, or fold the book over so students cannot see answers. Perforated pages, softcover. Tests are reproducible for student use. Grade 10.