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Never waste a single minute when you fill in 'down time' with Daily Warm-ups! Give your students the skill to become confident at solving problems, and help prepare them for standardized tests with these quick and fun problems that will prepare them for reading and writing questions on the SAT. Essay prompts, vocabulary-in-context, passage-based reading, improving sentences, and other elements are covered. 188 reproducible warm-ups, answers in the back. Softcover. Grades 9-12.

Strengthen critical thinking and language comprehension through Analogies. Each of the 180 lessons gets students intensively utilizing every thought process. Perfect for supplementing classroom activity or test preparation, these quick lessons on everything from synonyms to leadership will help your students to think logically through future ideas they'll encounter. An answer key is included. 191 reproducible pages, softcover.

Turn "down time" into valuable learnign time with this designed supplement to your regular lesson plan. The 180 quick activities provide review and practice in basic grammar, including parts of speech, usage, mechanics of punctuation and more. Creative and challenging exercises help students remember rules, prepare for standardized tests and increase their critical thinking skills. Includes answer key. 192 reproducible pages, softcover.