Online & Video Homeschool Curriculum

Abeka Academy

Abeka Academy provides homeschoolers with a way to give students a quality education without hours of planning! Gain more family time and receive all the benefits of homeschooling without the burden of doing everything yourself. The prerecorded video lessons give you the flexibility to set your own daily schedule and do school anytime, anywhere!

BJU Press Video Courses

The BJU Press DVD Video Courses helps you direct your student’s homeschool education program with the confidence and assurance that your students are receiving a Bible-centered education. Plus, its convenient structure frees you from the stress and strain of lesson planning and instructing!

Rosetta Stone Homeschool

Rosetta Stone Homeschool subscriptions promote long-term retention and correct pronunciation—without memorization or drills. Using an immersion method that mirrors how you learned your first language, Rosetta Stone introduces words and phrases that build upon each other in an intuitive, connected way.

A+ Interactive Math

Help eliminate the stress of teaching math with the online Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math. This program provides everything your child needs to excel in math. Shore up any math gaps. Get your kids back on grade level. Or let advanced math students whiz ahead by working at their own pace.

Family Math Package provides an affordable option for homeschooling math for the entire family. It helps eliminate the stress of teaching Math, saves your valuable time and helps to make your students independent learners!

The Family Math Package includes everything you need –

Video Lessons, Interactive Review, Lesson Worksheets, Chapter Tests, Review, Automatic Grading, Progress Reports, and much more. Includes grades 1-6 and pre-algebra.

The family packages provide an added flexibility to change the grade level for any student at any time. This is excellent for those needing to review previous grade levels or move ahead.

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math

Make math practice fun with Professor Bunsen Teaches Math’s™ video game-formatted math lessons! Smart gaming and interactive math lessons emphasize skills, drills, and thrills in a series of grade appropriate lessons and games. Each grade level contains a full 36 weeks of smart, game supported lessons, perfect as a supplement for extra practice or even to reward your child for their diligence with their regular math lessons and is program that can be adapted to many learning situations. Multiple user profiles are supported, and the program can be downloaded onto more than one device. Once downloaded, all activity performed and saved to your device. With no on-line activity, Professor Bunsen Teaches Math™ is local, secure, and identity protected.

Computer Instruction Courses

Improve your typing skills with the online courses Typing Instructor for Kids (Platinum 5-Windows), Typing Instructor (Platinum-Windows), or Disney: Mickey's Typing Adventure (Windows), and your OS-skills with Professor Teaches Windows 8.1.

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