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The Noah Plan Lessons

    The Noah Plan strives to free you from the confines of modern curriculum, building students biblical principles as a foundation for the rest of their lives, instead of filling them up with facts that will dissipate with time. This kindergarten manual has the year planned for you, with lessons in Bible, history, science and literature, and other tidbits that can be gleaned from this method! A notebooking approach is used, and the primary sources are the Bible, real books, Webster 1828 dictionary and other various excerpts. The guide contains three sections comprised of getting ready for kindergarten, week by week plans and supplemental information.

      The Bible is full of examples of men and women who walked with Jesus. Their faith and trust in God will encourage and provide a model for you. This book is a study of the Bible that will teach you about God. You will learn how to recognize God's providential hand in your life. Additionally, you will refine your reasoning and reading skills as you build your notebook with the study of the Bible.

          The Noah Plan Curriculum Guides

                  The reading curriculum guide to the well known Foundation for American Christian Education's Principle Approach, the Noah Plan walks you step by step through the methods and books employed for kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Bible is incorporated into every subject and combined with using real books and 'notebooking' to create a distinctly American based method of Biblical learning.

                      Including an art course in your curriculum contributes to educating the whole child and nurtures the learning of other subjects. This foundational primer systematically teaches God's elements of design through the scope and sequence of an 8-year program. Features the study of the great masters and their work; model lessons and methodology; timelines; student examples; and more. Grades K to 8.

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                      The Noah Plan Supplements

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