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Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 Edition

  1. The Noah Plan Lessons: First Grade
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    Ellen Lee, Rosemarie Ricciardi
    F.a.c.e. / 2002 / Spiral Bound
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Literature Guides

  1. Little Women Teacher Guide
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Mother Carey's Chickens

    It is a book that brings to life a loving, serving, nurturing family as a model for a needy world. Each chapter is a delightful revelation of the mothering art.

    The author has given us a chronicle of family spirit-building, of mothering and rearing children, that is a beacon on the present, bleak horizon where the family as an institution is under seige. The story imparts not only timeless principles, but images to inspire real beauty and truth in family relations, in Christ-like gentleness, authority, and power. It gives us this and all the elements of a beloved, read-aloud story, full of joy and pathos, and the pulses of family life.

    To Have and to Hold

    1. To Have and to Hold, Teacher Guide with CD-ROM
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      Rosalie J. Slater, Elizabeth Youmans, Carole Adams
      F.a.c.e. / 2007 / Trade Paperback
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    Delve deeper into the biblical and Shakespearean allusions found within To Have and to Hold, as well as the times in which it was set, and the larger concepts which it promotes. Literary elements, themes of Virginian contribution to America, essays on Jamestown and outlined points are used to show how the English settlers were providentially "given" America, taking advantage of "wasted" Powhatan land. Sample notebook pages are included, while an enclosed CDROM includes suggestions for compositions, and questions arranged by chapters. 42 pages, softcover.