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        1. Upside Down: How a Girl with Down Syndrome Changed a Man, a Family, and a Community
          Marv Loucks
          Innovo Publishing LLC / 2014 / Trade Paperback
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        1. Jenessa's Journey: Then and Now
          Debbie Sherman
          WestBow Press / 2014 / Trade Paperback
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        THEN - Follow along with the author as she learns, at only four months pregnant, that the baby she is carrying has severe heart defects and Down syndrome. Step with her into the delivery room, the hospital rooms, the operating rooms, and into her heart; into her life. Watch as her child touches the lives of everyone around her. Read along with Douglas King, MD, a prominent children's cardiologist, as he discusses the intricacies of Jenessa's heart defects and surgeries. Enter into the neonatal world of care with Georgia Ditzenberger, a dedicated neonatal nurse practitioner, as she articulates Jenessa's earliest days. Journey with the mother through the first three years of Jenessa's miraculous life.

        NOW - The original Jenessa's Journey has been edited and added to, bringing you forward into Jenessa's family life eleven years (and four new siblings) later. Meet her sister and two brothers, who also have Down syndrome, and her sister from West Africa. Hear from her older brother. Listen as her father shares his biggest pet peeve. Learn about homeschooling children with special needs. Watch as God weaves together a family full of love, joy, and abounding strength. Jenessa's Journey: Then and Now, is a valuable tool not only for parents, friends, and families of children with disabilities, but for doctors, nurses, and students as well.

          1. Theology and Down Syndrome: Reimagining Disability in Late Modernity
            Amos Yong
            Baylor University Press / Trade Paperback
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          While the struggle for disability rights has transformed secular ethics and public policy, traditional Christian teaching has been slow to account for disability in its theological imagination. Amos Yong crafts both a theology of disability and a theology informed by disability. The result is a Christian theology that not only connects with our present social, medical, and scientific understanding of disability but also one that empowers a set of best practices appropriate to our late modern context.

          1. I Can, Can You? Hardcover
            Marjorie W. Pitzer
            Woodbine House / 2004 / Hardcover
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          This wonderful fullcolor board book features adorable babies and toddlers with Down syndrome eating spaghetti, sharing, playing ball, and more.

          1. This Little Light of Mine: A Woman with Down Syndrome Shines Brightly in the World, Paperback
            Rosemary Heddens
            WestBow Press / 2012 / Trade Paperback
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          1. This Little Light of Mine: A Woman with Down Syndrome Shines Brightly in the World, Hardcover
            Rosemary Heddens
            WestBow Press / 2012 / Hardcover
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          1. Freedom of the Heart: A Journey Back to Innocence Through the Eyes of a Young Adult with Down Syndrome
            Ana Agostini
            WestBow Press / 2012 / Trade Paperback
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          1. A Special Mother Is Born: Parents Share How God Called Them to the Extraordinary Vocation of Parenting a Special Needs Child
            Leticia Velasquez
            WestBow Press / 2011 / Trade Paperback
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          1. Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down  Syndrome Enrich Their Lives 2nd Edition
            Woodbine House / 2017 / Trade Paperback
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          Gifts is the much-loved collection of over sixty essays written by mothers who share their truths about raising children with Down syndrome. Powerful when it was first published in 2006 and powerful now, it affirms over and over that a life with an extra chromosome is one worth living.

          This commemorative 10th anniversary edition of Gifts includes new personal stories to reflect contemporary mothers' experiences with the latest prenatal tests and intervention trends, as well as updates on many of the children and families featured in the first edition.

          Gifts, 10th Anniversary Edition serves as a source of up-to-date, positive, and honest insight that is too often missing when facing a diagnosis of Down syndrome.