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Social Skills

Help your child develop the social skills they need to make and keep friends and be polite and respectful to everyone else. With 50 engaging activities on bright, colorful pages, Social Skills Activities for Kids gives children the confidence to successfully navigate social situations at home, school, and the world in between. From keeping the conversation ball moving to learning to compromise to practicing good table manners, decoding body language and social cues and respecting personal space, these activities, which include up-to-date topics like bullying and social media, help kids develop and use their social skills super powers. 152 pages, softcover. Ages 6 to 8.

Occupational Therapy Skills

Provide occupational therapy activities in the comfort of your home and watch your child thrive. From eating meals and writing the alphabet to socializing with friends and family, Occupational Therapy Activities for Kids is designed to help children at all developmental ability levels strengthen those skills by playing their way through 100 exciting exercises that are easy to do at home anytime. This family-friendly guide offers concise information on how occupational therapy works and shows you how to apply it in a way that benefits your child. The chapters and activities are organized by the different type of therapy skill: sensory processing, motor, social-emotional, and cognitive and visual processing, starting with the simplest activities that increase in complexity, so you can customize your therapy routine to your child’s needs. 194 pages, softcover. Ages 1 to 6.

Growth Mindset Skills

Encourage a habit of learning in your child that can last a lifetime. Growth Mindset Activities for Kids is a fun and engaging activity book that can help your child develop the ability to learn new things, dream big, and celebrate mistakes as a path to success.  With 55 activities, everyday examples, and real-life stories from kids achieving their goals, your child can train their growing brain, develop problem-solving skills through practice and repetition, and discover how to nurture an awesome "can-do" attitude. These practical activities can work for a single child as well as an entire group or classroom, creating a solid foundation to kids’ learning development.  160 pages, softcover. Ages 6 to 9.

Parenting and Teaching Resources

Millions resist getting treatment for depression, addiction, and other health issues because of the stigma of "mental illness." Amen wants to change that! Challenging outdated psychiatric paradigms, he replaces them with a modern brain-based, whole-person approach. Discover how to identify your "brain type"; prevent or reverse problems that are making you sad, mad, or bad; and more.

If you are parenting or teaching older kids with ADHD, you will want this resource close at hand. Dr. Flick discusses the causes and developmental characteristics of ADHD up to adolescence, and offers a plan for therapeutic intervention.

In 428 pages, the author explores behaviors and offers specific treatment plans, a 12-step program for parents and teachers of ADHD teens, and a reproducible checklist and organizer. Take advantage of this comprehensive resource, both for your benefit and that of your child or student.

A major portion of our society is trying to find ways to deal with ADD/ADHD. Many understand the potential risks of long-term drug therapy. Dr. Jeremy Martin provides hope both children and adults suffering from ADD/ADHD using a technologically advanced non-drug approach. Dr. Martin is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of cutting edge health care.

To medicate or not to medicate, this is the question! The past two decades has seen an enormous increase in the number of children diagnosed with attention disorders. This book explores non-pharmacological interventions to manage and improve attention deficits using behavioral and nutritional interventions. It is a must read for any parent raising a child with an attention disorder. They have changed the definition of science and applied that false definition to deny the rights to Christians of free speech in public institutions, believing they can produce a superior people and society.

Prayer has long had an action component to it. There are many ways we can pray that involve our senses and our bodies. Journaling, skipping rocks, drawing, singing, touching, dancing, even walking can be acts of prayer. William Tenny-Brittian, himself diagnosed with adult ADHD, goes back to ancient times and into the techno-generation to share ten types of kinesthetic prayer that will help even the most fidgety connect with God. He has filled Prayer for People Who Can't Sit Still with ideas, easy-to-follow instructions, and ways to adapt kinesthetic prayer to most any situation and "personal limitation." Kinesthetic prayer can also have profound effects on the prayer life of children and youth. Prayer for People Who Can't Sit Still is a valuable resource in children's and youth ministries, helping these action-oriented age groups to find ways to build relationships with God. A relationship takes time together, says William Tenny-Brittian. Prayer for People Who Can't Sit Still is written to help you spend more meaningful time with God.

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, don't give up hope! No diagnosis can negate the fact that your child is made in the image of God. You can help your child, as one of God's image bearers, to deal with the behaviors associated with ADHD. The Bible offers you and your child much wisdom, comfort, and hope as you face this struggle together.

Rita K. Jamison walks parents through 18 behavioral characteristics related to ADHD, showing them how to apply Scripture to each type of behavior. As you teach your child to examine their heart before the Lord instead of immediately reacting to their impulses, you will help them experience the faith-building satisfaction of real change.

What is ADD? What are the strengths and weaknesses of ADD children? What can be done about this puzzling disorder? Nothing both the challenges and responsibilities of ADD children, Edward T. Welcch clarifies the physical and spiritual dimensions of ADD. He offers parents-as well as adults who fit the profile-help, encouragement, and biblical wisdom on how to handle this condition.

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) need a special kind of care and understanding. Written by a teacher and a pediatrician, this insightful book gives you advice so you can diagnose A.D.D., understand the A.D.D. child, find treatment options, and lessen its effects on the child and those around him or her. Paperback.

Be encouraged by someone who understands. Written by a homeschooling mom of two ADHD kids, you'll be encouraged as you read of her struggles in understanding her children's development, learning how to cope, analyzing treatments and living and loving the homeschool life even with ADD/ADHD! Tips for dealing with auditory distractibility, visual distractibility, sensory issues, daydreaming, social skills, memorization, modifying curriculum and the various other challenges that come with parenting and homeschooling a hyperactive child are included in this conversational book. 173 pages, softcover.

Carol Barnier knows all about the "gift" of an ADHD child. Freeing parents of the expectation to "normalize" their child, she offers a wealth of idea to work within your child's best learning style in school, life, and public spheres. Practical ideas for teaching, keeping your child listening (and quiet!) in church, a number of active games, and information on really understanding what your child is experiencing is all wrapped up in this encouraging and uplifting guide to life & homeschooling with an ADHD/ADD child. 112 pages, softcover.