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Laugh along with Familyman's Todd Wilson's spot-on comics about the issues, concerns, and problems nearly all homeschoolers face. This complete collection features the cartoons previously released as "The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons Volumes 1-4" plus twenty new cartoons. Laugh, cry, and realize you're definitely not alone with this hysterical volume from someone who's clearly lived the life.

Lies Homeschool Teens Believe: Helping Teens Embrace Home Education walks kids through 14 lies homeschooled teens believe.and the real truth. Addressing concerns like "People think I'm weird because I'm homeschooled," "I won't be able to play sports if I'm homeschooled," or "Kids who aren't homeschooled are bad," with fatherly wisdom and plenty of cartoons, Todd Wilson encourages kids to see the big picture about homeschooling. "Let's Think About It" questions integrated throughout. 77 pages, softcover.

What's Next? Affirming God's Plan for your Highschooler will help parents guide their students into the right path after high school - a path that might not include college, but that allows students to be themselves and serve God's purpose for their lives. While acknowledging that college isn't evil, and might be the right path for some kids, What's Next encourages parents to look towards alternative options like online college, local community colleges, life-directed education, and career-focused education. 71 pages, softcover.

If you're a homeschooling mom, you'll know exactly the type of life The Homeschool Experiment portrays. A funny and practical novel that takes a micro-level look at one family's first year homeschooling, author Charity Hawkins has also integrated a number of real-life resources, curriculum suggestions, blogs, and more--if you've homeschooled, there is much to recognize in the Miller family's journey! Picking up on all the little things: the distractions, life with a toddler, whining kids who take 20 minutes to write one word, tantrums, discipline, organizing chores, picking out books at the curriculum fair, co-ops, and of course dealing with disapproving stares and family members, be encouraged as you read how Julianne Miller navigates the waters of homeschooling with humor and faith. 229 pages, softcover. Appendix with homeschooling resources mentioned in the book is included, as well as a homeschool group study guide with questions for each chapter.

You look around, Mom, and what do you see?

  • Everyone else's kids are better.
  • Everyone else's home is cleaner.
  • Everyone else fixes better meals.
  • Everyone else is more disciplined and more spiritual.
  • Everyone else's marriage is better.
  • Everyone else can do it all.
  • Every other mom loves homeschooling.
  • Everyone else is more capable.
  • You are the only one who is falling apart and who feels the way you feel.
  • Why do you see those things? Because, believe it or not, everyone else sees them too, and feels the same way you do---the crushing pressure to meet expectations, to be perfect, and to at least keep up appearances when they can't. Let Todd Wilson draw back the curtain and show you what you can't see. Go behind the scenes with him and discover the reality. With gentle encouragement, anecdotes shared from his own life, and that lighthearted wit that brings such comfort and the relief of laughter to those who can identify, Todd will help you see the lies that bind you and steal your joy. You are not perfect---you may even be far from your ideal---but you are not a failure and you are not alone! Learn the truths that you need to lift your heavy load, take your joy back, and gain the courage and freedom to be real with others . . . and give them the precious gift of being able to be real with you.

    Married to a homeschooling mom? Then there's nothing more important than understanding the challenges and frustrations she faces in this grand undertaking. With this knowledge, you'll know exactly how to keep both of you motivated and sane through the truly unique experience of educating at home. 91 pages, softcover.

    Successful homeschooling depends a lot on your relationship with your husband. If you want your spouse to be more involved, be sure that you are not letting your energy, emotions, and relationships consume you. How to be a Great Wife...even though you homeschool offers you practical and simple advice that will help you to meet your husband's needs and naturally increase his involvement in your marriage and family. It's easier than you think!

    At last---a father-friendly book on family that's funny and pain-free! It's true---simply sit back and relax as you enjoy this collection of easy-going, humorous anecdotes and musings from a fellow father reflecting on his own family life. So many things clamor for your focus and for first place in your life, it's easy to lose track of what really matters most. Through these stories of a father's fun times, failures, lessons learned, and moments of blessing, you'll find your focus back where it belongs as everything else fades into the background. Go ahead---take just a few minutes each day to treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind booster book from a guy who obviously really knows dads.

    Authored by the 14-year-old daughter of Family Man (and funny-man) Todd Wilson, this book of themed tea-party suggestions was written with all the excitement of youth. Gather inspiration for a Winter Wonderland, Hearts-Galore, American Girl, Easter, Horse, Summer Garden, Victory Party, Little House on the Prairie, and other fun Tea Parties. Invitation instructions, name cards, activity ideas, table-setting tips, and a menu are provided for each. Black-and-white illustrations included. 35 pages, computer-printed covers, comb-binding.