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  1. Make-Your-Own Microscope Slide Set with Microscope
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    Make-Your-Own Microscope Slide Set with Microscope
    Home Educational Resources / 2014 / Other
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This basic microscope slide set is a great and cost-effective way to teach you how to start making and staining your own slides, such as sections of cork or a leaf, smears of cheek cells or bread mold, and more. It includes 12 plain glass slides, 2 concavity glass slides, 100 glass coverslips in a slide storage box. It also comes with methylene blue (to stain acidic cell parts), iodine (to stain alkaline cell parts), pipette, and full instructions for making wet mount slides.

This kit includes:

  • Cover Slides, glass, 100pk
  • Iodine Solution (Lugol's), 30mL
  • Lens Paper
  • Medicine Dropper (pipette, glass), 3in
  • Methylene Blue, 1%, 30mL
  • Microscope Slides, concave, 2pk
  • Microscope Slides, plain glass, 12pk
  • Slide Box